The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat

www.catsdom.com - The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat

2018 is going to be a great year. Just like it has always been, there are things that you need to accomplish this coming year. Your feline friend has not been left behind; unless you rank her so down when it comes to your family matters.

The New Year’s resolutions for you and your lovely cat will surely shape the type of relationship you will have in the house. Let everything that forms part of your world feel that you really care about them. And I am very certain that your cat is very important to you.

It is therefore very important that you have a roundtable discussion with your cat so that you can reach an agreement about some of these New Year issues. They are all geared towards the wellbeing and success of both of you. Otherwise, these resolutions will just be some other writings on a piece of paper.

I know you and your cat are already in a celebratory mood. Why should we not get into the real issue straightway? For the respect of the time of the year we are in, let’s just do that.

Cats are just like weeds; they keep growing. But it reaches a point that it must graduate into adulthood. When do cats stop growing? This is a question that keeps cat owners guessing, and it actually lacks a straightforward response. Many cat owners have been struggling to come up with a conclusive answer to this question.

Nevertheless, it is a very important question that will help you when it comes to predicting what the furry friend needs. Just like in the case of very old human beings, needs change with age. Cats are not left behind when it comes to this. An old cat would not fancy those needs that tick for younger cats.

Growth stops at adulthood which is really unpredictable in the case of cats. This piece is meant to provide answers to this important question.

Just like human beings, cats can be scared at times. I vividly remember sometime last year when my feline friend was scared of actually everything. It was a tough and challenging time for us. But why is my cat scared all of a sudden? This is a strange behavior in cats, and you must confront her to tell you why she is scared all of a sudden. Just be careful about how to approach her.

Could she be sick? Is it normal? These are some of the questions that I kept asking myself throughout the period when she exhibited this behavior. You might be experiencing the same thing at home with your cat. You realize that she is not comfortable and she keeps hiding from you.

The look on her face is like she sees some ghosts in the house. You are no ghost remember, and there is nothing close to that in your neighborhood. Is it a treatable condition? What are the causes? Look, you are in the right place. This article has it all.

The top 10  New Year’s Resolutions for you and Your Cat

1. Exercise More

How long can a cat go without food or water? Can cats do without food?
www.catsdom.com - The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat - Exercise More

Exercise More

Top of your agenda should be how to lose those extra pounds that you have added especially after the feasting you have had towards the end of 2017. Without doing exactly that, then you will probably be in for a series of problems.

Remember you have been doing the feasting together with your furry friend. Why then should you leave her behind when it comes to matters to do with fitness? She might need to be bigger because of the prestige and respect that you earn with such sizes.

But again, the size comes with its so many demerits. Make it a promise between the two of you that exercise is going to be a must thing this New Year. All you need to do is provide her with toys that she can play with to keep her fit.

Nobody wishes to have their cats live an unhealthy life. You better not have one at home if you intend to subject them to an unhealthy lifestyle. Apart from just the health part of it, the food is an important aspect of your cat’s life just like it is for humans.

Can you really do without food for long? This is as impossible as riding on a lion’s back. Your feline friend can struggle to do without food for some time but rest assured that it won’t be too long. The effects of the starvation may start creeping in steal life from your cat’s soul. If nothing is done then your cat may die a slow but very painful death.

An average cat can live for approximately 10 to 15 days before passing away due to starvation. Can you imagine that? These little creatures are so strong. I do not think there is any human being who can go for such periods without eating anything.

From the tenth day, the cat is likely to develop some kidney problems due to lack of food. It is likely to creep up and fatally kill your friend. It is a traumatizing situation that any cat owner would not like to witness. Why would you like to torture your feline friend that way anyway?

2. Eat Healthily

www.catsdom.com - The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat - Eat Healthily

Eat Healthily

Personally, this has been a challenge to both of us in 2017. We have been eating without considering the health aspects of what we take in. Have you been in the same situation that I have found myself in together with my cat?

Let’s not carry this dangerous habit into the next year. Make it a resolution between you and your cat to eat the foods that you love but at the same time consider making healthy substitutions for your diets.

Your cat can get annoyed at some of these changes but again, do you really need to be worried about this? After all, she is not the one who reads the nutrition labels of the food. Unless she can do that herself, then you can reconsider your position just a little bit.

3. Make new friends

www.catsdom.com - The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat - Make new friends

Make new friends

My cat and I made so many friends this year. And we are not planning to stop at that. We want to expand our kingdoms. That is only possible if we can make some friends. You and your cat are not left behind either.

It is through friends that you can learn new stuff. You are the only person who can make an important judgment on what is good and what is bad of the new ideas your cat can get from the friends. It is important that you take charge, otherwise your cat might end up with some lovers of the bottle (drinkers) and coming home late will be her thing. Help her in choosing her friends.

4. Being responsible

www.catsdom.com - The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat - Being responsible

Being responsible

Responsibility is very important in a family. It does not stop at you. Any living being must take up do their parts to ensure that you all stay in a peaceful environment. Why would you have to repair or replace your furniture so often?

Your furry friend must not take you down the poverty route as you watch. Make it a resolution that no more scratching must be done on the furniture. This is only possible if you feel concerned about your feline friend and you have provided her with a scratching post.

This calls for responsibility between the two of you. Where else would you expect your cat to scratch herself if an alternative is not provided? You should come to an agreement with your cat that both of you should be more responsible this year round; this is because irresponsibility will do enough damage in that house. Most of these damages will be among the causes of the next world war between you and your cat.

5. More Loving

www.catsdom.com - The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat - More Loving

More Loving

Love is one important thing that can never be wished away. Be it between the cats themselves, amongst humans or even between the cats and humans. I have watched my cat pick so many unnecessary fights that I do not want to be part of this New Year.

Love does not cost a thing. I want to teach her how to purr more and at the same time be affectionate to every member of the family. These cats are just more or less the same; I know you might be experiencing the same problem.

Make it a resolution that there is going to be more love and less of hate in the year 2018. And by the way, make sure you warn the dog to keep off your cat's litter box. No more troubles this time around.

Cats are very intelligent animals. But of course, they cannot match the human intelligence. Studies have shown that their dreams more or less resemble ours only that they are less abstract. How I wish cats were able to speak so that they can narrate to us the kind of dreams they do have.

I will need to be a cat whisperer to understand their language. I would like to have a verbal fight with my cat especially if she stammers when angry. Generally, dreams are always composed of what we come across during our daily lives.

The same is the case with cats. What? I tend to believe that the cats will soon take over from mankind very soon. How come they have a lifestyle that is almost the same as that we have? I am a worried and concerned human. Do I need to worry more? I will have to consult my cat’s opinion regarding this issue.

These are cats that have radioactive components in them. They can be genetically modified cats that have the ability to change their colors at the exposure to radiation. You thought that chameleons are the only animals capable of changing their colors? You will be surprised you can own a cat with the very same capabilities. That will be so cool, right?

The color change is meant to warn you about the danger that you will be exposed to in that area. This means that you will have to carry your cat along to whichever place you will be going. What can be hard about that? I bet nothing at all. If indeed the friendship between you and your cat is mutual then it should like a marriage, always with each other for better or for worse.

The mythology is created around these ray-cats with praises in music and arts so that their importance as far as warning on dangerous areas is concerned for years to come. This is one of the best warning methods you can find. I hate the deadly warnings of skulls placed on notice boards.

They are so scary. They just make you think that you are already dead (walking dead) or you are going to die the next second. These warnings should be replaced with more friendlier ones that will still drive the message home. I hope you those warnings with skulls as well.

Those scary warning images can make you faint. These signs will make you think that yours with life is over. As if that is the end of your life. And there you are doing all that is within your capability to live as long as the Biblical Methuselah. Everybody strives to stay long nowadays; even your cat would want you to stay longer so that your friendship can last as long as possible.

Another case is the radioactive cats that have gained such status due to treatment from radioactive iodine. Both cases are very important to us as humans. Having a radioactive cat is very important as we shall come to know about in the next section of our article.

6. Make physical examination a routine

www.catsdom.com - The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat - Make physical examination a routine

Make physical examination a routine

There are some ailments that we cannot identify on our own. And remember your cat’s health is all on you. And being that you are not a veterinarian, making regular visits to a veterinary officer is a good step towards ensuring that your cat lives a healthy and long life.

You are no exception as well. You also need to add your physician to your friend’s list this year. There are health-related issues that might affect both of you at the same time. Making physical examinations is one of those ways to prevent health complications to you and your cat.

7. Proper Grooming

www.catsdom.com - The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat - Proper Grooming

Proper Grooming

Nice looks are everyone’s desires. As you strive to make yourself look presentable, it is also advisable that your feline friend look the same. If I meet you along the streets smartly dressed and decide to accompany you home only to meet your cat with a very rough look, then you should bear all the blames.

But your cat should also learn to remain neat at all times. You will not like to be subjected to embarrassments now and then. However much you are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that she is well groomed, you won’t be around her every time to ensure she maintains the neatness that is desired.

You need to instill some level of discipline in her.  Above all, make it a resolution that the coming year is about proper grooming, nothing more or less.

8. Maintain high hygiene standards

www.catsdom.com - The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat - Maintain high hygiene standards

Maintain high hygiene standards

I am tired of meeting my cat’s poops and urine anywhere in the house. It is very annoying especially when you come home with a visitor only to be met by such right at the door. And to make it worse, there is a litter box meant for such in the house.

Does your furry friend have the same habit? Or is it only my cat that is so persistent in making my life difficult? It has reached that point that we need to make a final agreement on this. A resolution has to be made before we make it to the New Year. We shall also sign a deal regarding my cat’s habit of spraying urine everywhere in the house whenever I have wronged her.

·         Environmental conditions

The environment where the cat needs to grow is very important when it comes to his growth. If you live in a place that is full of noise, then the cat might suffer some psychological depression. Stress is something that you shouldn’t wish to subject your feline friend to at such an early stage.  If your cat is over stressed then he might become moody and might do something terrible to you one day.

Hormonal imbalance caused by stress will slow the growth rate of the cat. Check on the surrounding hygiene as well. The poor the hygiene; the weaker the cats will be. You obviously don’t want a weak cat so avoid stressing him.

·         Diet

In most cases, the food plays a crucial role when it comes to matters dealing with the cat’s growth. Foods that are rich in proteins are known to be the best for growing cats. High mineral content such as calcium for the formation of bones is also very important. Foods rich in carbs will also make your cat energetic and strong. He will keep jumping up and down and frequently going to the gym.

If you do not place your cat under such diet, then do not expect him to grow faster. But when do cats stop growing even if placed under the necessary dietary prescriptions? The question still remains to be a mystery to many, but I believe you now have some hints regarding the answer to this question.

9. Making good use of technology

Does the cat’s health and age determine how long a cat can go without food or water?
www.catsdom.com - The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat - Making good use of technology

Making good use of technology

Cats are taking over the internet. Why should yours be left behind? Why don’t you create her accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook among others? With that, you can upload her videos and photos for the world to see. I shall make an agreement with my cat to be taking “selfies” together after every two weeks. We shall both upload these “selfie pictures” on our social media accounts to show the world our love.

Who doesn’t want his or her cat to be recognized worldwide? I don’t think there is any. And by the way, do you know that these videos and photos can be very useful if you have to trace your missing cat.

Generally, kittens are considered to be adults after one year. Actually, at such an age they are like 20-year old humans. But not all cats meet this threshold. That is why it becomes really difficult to know when your cat is likely to stop growing.

At the one-year mark, the cat will have taken the size that it is likely to have for the rest of his life. If it is a small size, then do not expect much change beyond this. Does it mean that there is no growth past this period?

There is growth still but more slowly meaning that there are likely to be unnoticeable changes. Many breeds can grow up to even 18 months only that you will not notice the changes that shall have occurred during the last 6 months.

Growth in larger breeds such as Maine Coon is however exceptional as it can happen up to the 4th year.

10. Be happier

Handling a cat who is not eating or drinking
www.catsdom.com - The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat - Be happier

Be happier

Happiness is a choice. It is either you choose to be happy or not. You have to focus on leading a joyful life. By appreciating the world around you, you are most likely to have one of those peaceful moments of your life this year.

You can do the same to your feline friend. Simple things such as stroking the soft space that is always between the ears will make your cat so happy. Let everything you purchase at home have some relationship with the cat. With this, the cat will have known how valued she is.

Let her also make your work simple because that is the only way both of you will enjoy the New Year. Cultivate the culture of happiness between you and your cat this New Year. Support your cat in everything she does as long as it is something not harmful to both your lives.

For example, you cannot allow her to be smuggling weapons into your house and do nothing simply because you want her to be happy. You must keep and maintain good morals and behaviors accepted in both the human and cat societies.
Dealing with a clingy cat

Why the cat?

A cat that is clingy requires proper handling. Below are some of the ways you can use to ensure that both you and your friend are comfortable.

·         The first step is finding out what could be the cause of this behavior. A vet can be of great help here. Always involve their expertise.  If it is discovered that it is not health related in any way, then check on any possible environmental causes. Proper diagnosis is very important.

·         Always ensure that the cat has a proper refuge. It is advisable that whenever you are planning to change the environment, you keep the cat safe and away from disturbances. She should never know about the moving. Lock her up in a safe room till all is done then let her out. She won’t notice, and there won’t be many behavioral changes.

·         Cats love companionship. They can get it either from other pets or the owner. In the absence or even harshness of other pets, then you are the only option she is left with. Playing around with her is a good way of minimizing the clingy behavior.

·         Another way of minimizing this behavior is by simply ignoring the cat. A good cat will know that you are against the behavior. Do not reward mediocrity such as the too much clingy trait.

Do not even think about punishing her however much you might be annoyed. Punishments will make them more fearful hence being too demanding. Being that there is nowhere else to report you, she will still be around you to avoid the fear.

Do you mean there are different types of sleep that a cat might have? Yes, your question is answered. When I said I was beginning to become worried about the feline friends taking over from us, did you think it was a joke?

Well, let us go back to the issue at hand. The cats are likely to experience two types of dreams depending on the type of sleep they have. They are the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and the non-REM. But what do cat dreams mean?

It is during REM that most dreaming takes place. The eyes move randomly and rapidly making the brain activity to resemble what the animal does when awake. You are likely to see your cat being active at the initial stage of this process. This is becoming strange, but it is very normal for seasoned cat owners. It is not some kind of ritual for joining some weird cat cult. No such things.

You can actually get terrified at the scene of the cat being so much active while asleep. Has she all of a sudden become a ghost? Not really; it is so normal for them to behave that way. She won’t wake up that easily if you try to awaken her. I don’t even know why you want to disturb her at such a time.

Non-REM dreams are those that are less visual with a lot of fragments. Kittens are heavy dreamers compared to the older cats. I know you can be worried about this especially if it is a kitten that you recently acquired. Just give her time, and you will not experience these bizarre scenes since the need for processing new information will be reducing.

What do cat dreams mean? Is there a way in which it is helpful to the cats? The muscle-twitching which is common in kittens and is always accompanied with dreams will be gone with time as the cat grows. Before she becomes an adult, you will have to tolerate your kitten’s natural behavior.


Wrapping up
Are there products that can be used when the cat is stressed?

I know you have probably made some New Year’s resolutions for you and your lovely cat just as you have always done previously. The only problem you have always had is how to fulfill these resolutions. Let me hope this will not be the case this time around.

Are there resolutions in this article that you want to consider? Is there any other that you have made but has not been featured herein? Share your insights in the comment section.

How long can a cat go without food or water? This answer varies in different cat breeds but it is normally between 10 to 15 days. Every moment that your cat is refusing to take food or water must be taken seriously. You cannot gamble with your cat’s life. How long your cat can go without food or water is not a fixed issue in all cats, so do not take a risk.

Any further starvation can lead to irreparable damage. Before it reaches that stage you can introduce the cat to wet foods, provide the cat with tuna-flavored water or visit a vet if the cat is still not eating or drinking water

Are you having the same problem at home? Or do you have a question concerning this topic? Make use of the comment section below. I will provide you with an adequate response within the shortest time possible.

Why is my cat so clingy? There are numerous reasons why your cat could be as clingy as has been explained in this article. Handling a cat with behavioral changes as mine was at some point not an easy task. It took me a lot of patience and time to understand why my cat was clingy at times. Always seek help from a vet in case you notice any changes in your cat.

The environment in which the cat lives should also be comfortable enough. Why should the cat be worried at home more than anywhere else? That should warrant an arrest of the owner. A comfortable cat is a happy cat. Learn to deal with the cat in the right manner whether she is too clingy or not. Humans are meant to love cats this time around; the cats will do the same when they take over.

How was the article? Did you enjoy reading it? Do not hesitate to ask questions through the comment section provided if there are clarifications that you need.

Why is my cat scared all of a sudden? Is it something that happens so often? And if it is likely to happen again, is there any product I can look for to help my cat? These are some of the tough questions you might ask yourself. I surely did as well. I can relate.

The best news is that there are actually products on the market that can help you control this situation. The Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser is one product that is known to mimic the cat’s pheromone and therefore helps in calming her down.

This drug-free and odorless product will convince your cat about the safety and friendliness of an area. She will, therefore, have nothing to worry about. With such confidence, she will have automatically minimized on stress-related issues that might leave her scared. By now you should have known that a stressed cat is a scared one.

It is recommended that you have this product with you especially when you have to move into a new house or if you are planning to decorate your house. You will have spared yourself the agony of a stressed and scared cat.

There are treatments that when administered to your feline friend, she is likely to be radioactive to some extent. A radioiodine treatment is one of the most common ways of treating hyperthyroidism. That is not Greek. I can see you scratching your head at the mention of the word.

In simple terms, hyperthyroidism is a condition most common in older and middle-aged cats. When is the last day you held a birthday celebration for your cat? Do you even remember how old your cat is? Well, that should be a story for another day. This condition will make your cat start behaving so strangely.

Your cat is likely to have an increased appetite, eating everything and anything she comes about. The funny part is that with this heavy feeding, your friend will keep losing weight. It is like the food is passed out directly as it comes from the mouth.

Other symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, frequent thirst and urination, mood changes and hyperactivity. This condition can be treated using the Pet Wellbeing Methimazole for Cats which is continuously administered for a year or longer for complete treatment.

Can your cat maintain this dosage for a year? That is practically impossible. My cat is that type that has a phobia for drugs. So a one-off treatment will save you the struggle. The best way of treating such a condition is therefore by using the radioactive iodine.

The radioactive iodine is injected once into the cat, and that will be the end of treatment. This automatically makes your best friend radioactive. But what is special about a radioactive cat that has undergone this method of hyperthyroidism treatment? Well, the radioactive iodine is safe for human beings. I can see the sigh of relief on your face now.

Safety precautions to be considered

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