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The Best Dewormer For Cats [2024]


Worms are intestinal parasites. And just like in human beings, they are likely to attack your feline friend. Your cat, being the cheeky kind, will always leave the room and have a taste of some little prey. Of course, you won’t know when she sneaks out. If your cat has made it a routine to always sneak out of the house and hunt for some live prey, then she is at a high risk of being infested by worms. These worms can deprive your cat of some important nutrients.

best cat worms products

Thanks to the best dewormer for cats though because with them, you will keep your cat healthy and worm-free.

Best Dewormer For Cats at Amazom The Best Dewormer For Cats 710x473 1
Produc​t NameQuality
 Bayer Tapeworm DewormerA+
 Pro-Sense Liquid DewormerA
 Pro-labs Feline Tapeworm tabsA-
 Excel Liquid Roundworm DewormerB+
 Bayer Drontal DewormerB

Types of worms likely to be found in cats

The worms have a very annoying tendency of choosing the kind of pets to attack. And your cat, that you feed so well, is their number one target. Reason being, the lots of nutrients she has in the body. We always look for the best nutritious meals, so are the worms. There are majorly three kinds of worms that can be found in a cat’s body.

  • tapeworms
  • hookworms
  • roundworms.

Take a look at the important information you should know about them:

1. Cats with Tapeworms

The Best Dewormer for Cats Keep the nasty parasites at Bay Roundworms
The Best Dewormer for Cats Keep the nasty parasites at Bay Roundworms

This is the most annoying kind of worms your cat can have. They do not show any symptoms. It is like treating a disease that cannot be diagnosed. What a hell of a task that can be! These worms are segmented with each segment having so many eggs.

These segments are the only factor that you can use to determine the presence of tapeworms in your cat. You can find them on your cat’s fur especially under the tail. Yes, just right there however weird it sounds.

But how do cats get tapeworms? This is the question that I know is ringing in your mind now. Well, the tapeworms are got from consuming the meat of animals who have consumed the tapeworm eggs. These can be birds, rats and even rabbits.

Severe infestation leads to vomiting, loss of weight and eventually rough coats. You might actually want to disown your cat due to the ugly skin. But the best dewormer for cats will surely do their magic before you think of disowning your feline friend.

If you disown your cat because she is infested with tapeworms then you are not a friend indeed. Your relationship with your cat should be like a marriage, for better or worse!

2. Cats with Hookworms The Best Dewormer for Cats Keep the nasty parasites at Bay Types of worms likely to be found in cats Hookworms
cats with Hookworms

The hookworms are found in the intestinal wall of the cat. They suck blood from the cat which leads to anemic condition followed by death. The cat can get these worms by feeding on infected animals or by directly eating the eggs.

The larval stage of this worm is so dangerous. It is at this stage that it can burrow into your cat’s skin. This is a clear indication of how the worm can do anything and everything to feed itself. You will come across lesions on the paws through which they burrowed into the body.

Your feline friend will then experience diarrhea, constipation, loss of weight and loss of appetite. Your cat not being able to feel it is the most worrying part. You won’t enjoy your meal as well. Thanks to the person who saw the need and came up with the best dewormer for cats to specifically deal with the hookworms.

3. Cats with Roundworms

The roundworms can be passed from infected animals through their feces. The eggs can survive in the feces for many years, but probably not as many years as Methuselah lived. The cat gets infested by direct ingestion of the eggs or feeding on an already infected animal.

Kittens can be infested directly by their mothers. The larvae can be passed through the milk into the kitten. Regular deworming of the mother and the kittens using the best dewormer for cats is therefore necessary.

These worms can get transmitted to humans as well. Now, when it gets to this, the roundworm will have gone beyond the board. A state of emergency preceding a state of war will be declared on the worms.

You are likely to come across ugly scenes of diarrhea and constant vomiting from your cat. The kittens will, however, be potbellied and eat a lot. You may think that their tummies house a whole squad of rugby players, only to be surprised to realize that the tummy is only full of nasty parasites.

Advantages of Deworming in Cats The Best Dewormer for Cats Keep the nasty parasites at Bay Safety

A healthier cat means a healthier family

Deworming is not a preventive measure but rather a means of eradicating these “aliens” from your cat’s body. This simply means a reduction in the number of worms which translates to a healthier cat. A healthier cat means a healthier family; remember the cat is also part of your family.

Being that some of these worms can be passed to human beings, ensure you practice hygienic actions such as hand washing whenever you are done playing with your friend. This should be accompanied by regular deworming to be on the safer side.

Features to Look for in the Best Dewormer for Cats

Not all the deworming drugs being sold in the market will be good for use on your cat. A veterinarian is the best person to examine your friend and advice you appropriately.

If your best friend is diagnosed with worms, then there are features you have to look for in the drug you have to purchase. The Best Dewormer for Cats Keep the nasty parasites at Bay Advantages of Deworming in Cats

Discussed below are the features that the best dewormer for cats should have:

1. Cat Dewormer Safety

The best dewormer for cats should be highly effective. Who in their normal senses would like to buy something that does not work? The seller will obviously not let you know whether the drug is defective or not.

Our provided products for the best dewormer for cats are however effective and have been proven so over the past years. They will clear all the worms up to the last one.

2. Cat Dewormer Palatability

Dewormers are always available in oral and topical forms. The oral ones (liquid, paste, and tablet) are the most common ones in the market. Your preference and what your feline friend likes should be the determining factors on what to go for.

Buy the dewormer that your cat will be able to eat with a lot of ease.

3. Cat Dewormer Price

Another important factor that should never go unmentioned is the price. A narrative has always been peddled that the more expensive a product is, the more effective it is. That is probably the biggest joke of the century.

There is currently a wide variety of the best dewormer for cats with different prices. Choose the one that that will fit into your budgetary allocations.

Best dewormer for cats at Amazon

Produc​t NameQuality
 Bayer Tapeworm DewormerA+
 Pro-Sense Liquid DewormerA
 Pro-labs Feline Tapeworm tabsA-
 Excel Liquid Roundworm DewormerB+
 Bayer Drontal DewormerB

We know the difficulty that is always associated with the search for these drugs. We have made it much easier for you. Here are the very best of them that are currently available on the market:

1. Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer

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Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer (Via:

Fleas and tapeworm are two inseparable things. You can think that they are couples. The very moment you come across fleas on your cat, there is a high possibility that there are tapeworms as well. Your cat being so concerned about her beauty will always lick her hair in the process of applying her makeups. The end result is consumption of the fleas.

And being the adventurous animal that she is, she will always leave the house to look for rodents such as rats. You may wonder what was put on rats that the cat cannot find in the meat you provide at home. Anyway, these rodent meats are highly infested with tapeworms.

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer Pros

  • Easy to administer
  • Affordable way to deworm your cat
  • No side effects
  • Works faster
  • Can be mixed with cat food

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer Cons

  • Not versatile and only takes care of tapeworms


2. Pro-Sense Liquid Dewormer

Pro-Sense Liquid Dewormer (Via:

Roundworms are so annoying. They can deprive your best friend of all the nutrients if not controlled and treated. You might think that you are feeding your cat well yet there are some heavy feeders in her tummy. The Pro-Sense Dewormer is the best way to keep these little things in check. It is recommended for kittens and cats that are six weeks old and above. Do not make yourself a veterinarian and start giving it to cats that have not reached the specified age. That will be a recipe for problems you might not solve.

You can administer it directly to the cat or be kind enough and add it to her favorite food from where she can consume it without even knowing. There are always slight variations in terms of packaging. This should not be an issue of concern as long as you have confirmed that it is one and the same thing.

Cats are known to like flavored things. This is what the manufacturer of this product had in mind. No cat can resist the flavor that is accompanied with this drug. Try as much as possible to avoid overdose as the effects such as vomiting and nausea will simply worsen the situation.Piperazine, which is the most active ingredient of this dewormer, is known to be the greatest enemy of roundworms. It wipes them all just like a nuclear bomb that has been estimated to have the ability to sweep away everything that comes close to it.

Pro-Sense Liquid Dewormer Pros

  • Works fast
  • Affordable way to deworm
  • Time-saving
  • Can be mixed with cat food without it realizing
  • The small sizes make them easy to administer orally
  • Approved by FDA

Pro-Sense Liquid Dewormer Cons

  • Isolated cases of diarrhea and salivation after administration
  • Best results when applied multiple times


3. Pro-labs Feline Tapeworm Tabs

Pro-labs Feline Tapeworm Tabs (Via:

The Pro-labs Tapeworm tablets are sold in threes. You know how important things that come in “threes” are. Each tablet contains 23 milligrams of Praziquantel which is what kills the tapeworms in your cat.

This drug is given to kittens and cats that are six weeks old and above. Do not think of experimenting it on kittens younger than that. Oral administration has been made easier by its sized design. However, being the caring friend you are, you can crumble and mix it with other cat food. These drugs are approved by FDA for sales in OTC.

It is highly effective when used as labeled in the directions provided. After treatment, try to clear any fleas that might be found around as your cat will most likely be infested again by them. This means you will have done zero work.

Try to speak to your friend in a language she understands and tell her always to remain indoors. Explain to her how she ends up endangering her life with the frequent outdoor adventures. Believe me; she will listen and most likely comply.

The most common side effects of using this medication on your cat are diarrhea and salivation. If they persist then it can be more than just a side effect, call your veterinarian to come and examine your friend.This product is obviously not meant to be consumed by humans so keep it away from children who always have high appetite for everything, even poisonous stuff.

Pro-labs Feline Tapeworm Tabs Pros

  • Works fast
  • Affordable way to deworm
  • Time-saving
  • Can be mixed with cat food without it realizing
  • The small sizes make them easy to administer orally
  • Approved by FDA

Pro-labs Feline Tapeworm Tabs Cons

  • Not versatile and only takes care of tapeworms


4. Excel Liquid Roundworm Dewormer

Excel Liquid Roundworm Dewormer (Via:

Excel Liquid Roundworm Dewormer is vanilla-flavored to provide a tasty taste. This taste is confusing, and by the time your cat will realize that whatever she took was not just food, all roundworms will have been eliminated. This makes it easy to administer.

The cap is what is used as dosing cup. It is meant for kittens and cats (six weeks and older) alike because they are both at higher risks of infestation. You can give it directly to the cat or mix it with her food. It comes in bottles measuring 4 ounces.

After giving the first dosage on day one, wait up to the fourteenth day to administer the second dosage. The third one is given on the thirtieth day after which it is done regularly every month to avoid any reinfestation. Just like in the case of human beings, ensure that the cat has properly eaten before giving her the medication.

If she has not taken any food, then you better mix the medicine with the food. You would not like to see your best friend struggling to walk because she lacks the energy to do so. If your feline friend has been sick the past few days, then wait till she recovers then do the deworming. Mixing of drugs might lead to some allergic reactions on your cat.

If your cat has lost too much weight that it weighs two pounds or less, then don’t imagine using this product on them. Place her under proper feeding program till she gains significant weight then administer the drugs. Pregnant cats should also be avoided.  Remember that abortion is a crime even in cats.You should have already known if your friend had been engaging in some risky behaviors that can lead to pregnancy with her male friends.

Excel Liquid Roundworm Dewormer Pros

  • The cap is child-resistant and hence safe
  • Effective
  • Has a vanilla-flavored taste
  • Easy to administer
  • Inexpensive

Excel Liquid Roundworm Dewormer Cons

  • The cat might vomit it out at times


5. Bayer Drontal Dewormer

Bayer Drontal Dewormer (Via:

At times you will realize that your cat shows different symptoms of worm infestation. It then becomes hard to isolate and be specific on the type of worms that your cat might have in the body. It means you have to look for a dewormer with a broad spectrum.

The Bayer Drontal Dewormer is the kind you should go for. It takes care of hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms all at the same time. Now, this is the kind of dewormer I like. You won’t have to take care of every worm at a time. This drug in the world of guns would be a machine gun, right?

The tablets are large and can be a bit scary, but I have a suggestion for you. Break them into quarters that will be easier to administer. Just two of these tablets will sweep away all the intruders that had comfortably turned your best friend into their home.

This product is what most veterinarians prefer to use on cats due to its broad spectrum. The most active ingredients in this product are pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel. These two ingredients and worms can never exist harmoniously in one place. Just like your cat and rats.

These tablets can only be administered to kittens and cats that are one month old and above. Additionally, they should weigh more than 1.5 pounds. The recommended dosage is one tablet for body weight of between 4 and 8 pounds.

The drugs are safe for both cats and human beings. However, always keep them away from children. Your kids are not cats, you know. Can you imagine how the situation will be like if they consume these tablets? You don’t want to imagine. So do the necessary. It does not cost a lot.

Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer Pros

  • Effective all-around treatment
  • Safe
  • Can be scored for easier administration
  • Works faster

Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer Cons

  • The tablets have unpleasant taste
  • The tablets are large and must be broken into smaller bits first before administration


Best Dewormer For Cats Conclusion

Cat health is so important that cannot be wished away so easily. Worms are so dangerous to your best friend’s health if not taken care of effectively. Before you think of using any deworming drugs, always consult your veterinarian for directions. You cannot afford to gamble with your cat’s life.

Always consult your veterinarian for directions


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