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Can Cats Eat Pizza? [2024]


As you enjoy your pizza, your cat may start begging you to give her a bite too. Everybody loves Italian dish, and one of the most popular Italian dishes is pizza. But can cats eat pizza? Most cat owners usually wonder if it is safe for their cats to eat pizza. Let’s find out.

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When you are having your pizza time, and your cat starts to stare at you without blinking, just know that she is begging for a slice. But what do you do if you find yourself in the situation? Can cats eat pizza? You may wonder.

This is why one of the most popular questions in online “cat” forums is, “can cats eat pizza?’ What can you say if someone asks you, can cats eat pizza?

Where does pizza fall in the category of cat food?

Well, there are just two types of food that your cat can eat:

So, in what category do you think pizza falls? Can you guess?

Since you find pizza deliciously irresistible, you might think that your cat will find it deliciously irresistible as well, so you might think that pizza falls into the former category.

Well, it’s true that if you give your cat a bite of pizza, she will definitely like it. However, the most important thing everyone needs to know is whether eating pizza is safe for your cat. So can cats eat pizza?

Pizza qualifies as one of the foods that are potentially harmful to your cat

Fact is that pizza falls into the latter category. Yes, pizza falls into the latter category. Can cats eat pizza? No. This is because pizza qualifies as one of the foods that are potentially harmful to your cat. Why do you think feeding your cat on pizza is not a good?

The main reason why it is a bad idea to feed your feline friend on pizza is simply because pizza contains several ingredients. There is, therefore, the possibility that there will be one or two of those ingredients that will not sit well with your cat.

Most of us know that curiosity killed the cat; whoever came up with that proverb could have observed his cat for a very long time. Since cats are curious, they can sometimes go as far as trying to eat what you are eating.

You should, therefore, be wary of your cat if he wants to have a bite of your pizza. Just because your cat wants to eat something does not mean that you should let him get what he wants. Before you inform me that some cats can be bullies, just understand that you are the boss in the house. Do not let you cat bully you into giving to his demands even though the demands may be harmful to his life.

Can Cats eat pizza? Not Recommended

Can cats eat pizza The answer is a big No

Pizza contains a lot of ingredients that will always leave your taste buds craving for more. However, none of these ingredients is good for your cat. Sorry to break your heart or your cat’s heart, but he just can’t have a bite of pizza. Not now, not ever.

Can Cats eat pizza Not Recommended

Feeding your cat on pizza is like exposing him to a slow, painless death. The cat may think that you are showing him love by sharing your pizza. What he might be missing to notice is that you are slowly killing him. A good cat owner would not try to kill his cat in such a manner. No one would like to be branded as a “cat killer” so keep yourself from the blames.

First of all, the number one ingredient in a pizza is meat. This meat has been processed and cooked. Your cat will, therefore, find it hectic trying to digest the meat. The pizza sauce also contains several Italian spices and seasonings. These spices can mean trouble for your cat’s digestion system. Let’s look at why your cat cannot eat pizza in details.

Cheese Issues

Can Cats Eat Pizza Everything you need to know Cheese Issues

Cheese Issues

Although there are some cats that can eat dairy products like cheese without any issues, cats and dairy is not always a good idea. There are some cats that usually exhibit lactose intolerance. Therefore, if you realize that your cat is unable to handle dairy products too well, then you will need to lay off the pizza. This is because most pizzas are smothered in cheese.

Crust Issues

Your cat is a natural carnivore. He, therefore, does not have any business trying to consume any sort of bread. This is because bread does not have any nutrients that your cat’s body will find useful.

Any attempt to feed your cat on bread will likely lead to bloating since their digestive systems have no idea how to handle bread. Most pizzas usually have crusts that are made of wheat. Your cat should not, therefore, eat any pizza since he is likely to get bloated.

Topping Issues

cats pizzz

One of the things that make pizzas delicious to humans is the toppings. However, for cats, each and every toppings have their own problems. For example, most pizza toppings are usually made of veggies. The veggies are therefore not candidates for food that your cat can eat. Your cat does not need to eat a lot of veggies.

If you are always a fan of meat-filled pizza, your cat cannot have it either. This is because meat-filled pizzas contain a lot of pepperoni and sausage. These are always too spicy and fatty for your cat to have.

Apart from that, meat-filled pizzas are very heavily processed and also contain high amounts of salt. Did you know that one slice of pizza contains a full day’s worth of sodium for humans? So imagine what kind of impact eating a slice of pizza will have on your cat’s body.

Sauce and Other Concerns

Pizza usually contains a lot of sauce. This sauce is usually made from tomatoes hence it is tangy and acidic. This makes it a bad choice for your cat since it can give your cat diarrhea. Other ingredients that make pizza a bad choice for your cat include onions and garlic.

Can cats eat pizza? Short Answer

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Can cats eat pizza? The answer is a big No!

Can cats eat pizza? The answer is a big No! As much as you love your cat and may want to share everything that you have with him, it is important that you make some exception. Never let your cat have any pizza. This is because pizza is not only harmful to your cat but is also of no nutritional value to him.

Therefore, the next time you are enjoying your pizza, and your cat begs you for some, just look the other way and continue enjoying your pizza. Never let him have a bite, no matter what. So you should take this as good news because at least you won’t have to share your pizza with your cat.

If a fellow cat owner like you asks you, “can cats eat pizza?” look them into the eyes and confidently tell them that it is not recommended and why.

If you have any question or anything to add on this topic, your contributions and comments will be highly appreciated.


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