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It’s no secret: we all love cats in one way or another. What is an enigma, though, is our cats themselves. In a lot of cases, cats can be very mysterious and secretive, as if we would not know what they would possibly do next. Meanwhile, you can very easily see if your cats are still healthy or if you need to bring them to your local vet. By merely observing your cat and his actions, you can get the gist if whether or not a visit to the cat doctor is actually necessary. For starters, here is the list of the eight best signs that you have a healthy cat!

### Your cat still has a huge appetite.

First of all, cats do tend to consume a whole chunk of food on a regular basis, and that is the first thing to note when checking if your cat is healthy or not. Your cat’s appetite says a lot about his overall holistic health.

This is because one of the most common symptoms of sickness in cats is the cat’s noticeable weight loss, which can be cause, in large part, to the fluctuation of his appetite. And just like humans, food gives cats their strength and energy to move around and continue to live their lives.

NOTE: If you want to keep your cat healthier, you can feed him more organic food and protein.

### Your cat poops on a regular basis.

In connection to their appetite, a cat’s regular digestion is also a great factor to see when checking your cat’s health.

Is your cat not following his regular bathroom break schedule? Does your cat have a bloody discharge? If your answer is yes, then this may raise some concern and you should bring your cat to your local vet to get checked up.

Other than that, your cat is still pretty healthy in terms of digestion.

### Your cat is still active and in motion.

One of the biggest parts of a cat’s whole being and personality is that they are very active, and usually too energetic for us humans to catch up to.

The amount of their speed and the extensiveness of their motion and flexibility is a keen indicator that your cat is still very healthy. This means that they have fully-functioning bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and are still physically fit for exercise and vigorous movements.

NOTE: To keep your cat’s bones healthy, feeding them milk is a great plus!

### Your cat is still very responsive.

This one is for the few cat mommies and daddies who have trained their cats, similar to a dog’s training.

A telltale sign of a healthy trained cat is that they still are still vigilant and quickly respond to the commands of their humans. One of these tests can be testing if your cat still gives you a high-five when you ask for it.

If your cat is unresponsive and does not quickly follow the basic commands that you have trained him for, then this can be a sign that something is wrong or something is going on with your cat.

### Your cat is still in good physical shape.

This is the most basic and easiest one to spot and tell. A well-groomed cat is a healthy cat.

From their clean, shiny fur to their clean, smooth skin, cats that groom themselves regularly is still a healthy cat

We all know that cats do clean themselves with the use of their tongue. And so, when a cat is seemingly dirty for a longer amount of time than usual, there must be something wrong with him.

NOTE: You can spot an unhealthy cat by seeing how clean he is. When he is dirty, he is dehydrated.

### Your cat purrs regularly.

A purring cat indicates that your cat is comfortable with you and is happy for the time being. This means a cat who constantly purrs is pretty healthy as cats with problems in their body often feel some sort of discomfort and do not purr anymore.

So, if you ever hear a purr from your kitty, then you have still got a healthy, happy motor of a feline.

### Your cat is still very attached to you.

The relationships that cats have with their humans are pretty unique between them. Cats only approach humans that they are comfortable being around with or whose presence they are very much used to.

So, when your cat is unconventionally distant and hardly goes to acknowledge you by a swipe of their head against your leg or is hardly ever around you, then something must not be right. In situations like these, you’ve got to check on your cat often as some signs of a dying cat or a cat in pain is that they become distant so that you are detached from their passing.

### Your cat still sleeps a lot.

Aside from the wildness and the meows, the major trademark move of a cat is that they sleep nearly the whole day-round. If you didn’t know, cats sleep for about 16 hours every day, which is why they have to take many of their legendary naps throughout the day.

Yes, that’s a lot! So, with that being said, if you notice your cat not sleeping or taking their naps as much as the usual, then there must be something up with your cat.

Have you ticked all the boxes? If your answer is yes, then you’re all good and your cat is in perfectly good shape. If there are a few boxes left unchecked, then you ought to bring your cat to a veterinary clinic for a quick check-up to fully know if there is anything wrong with your cat. On the other hand, you can also consult some cat health experts and other professionals before jumping to any conclusions.

Some of these characteristics can apply to other nutrition of pets to check you’ve still got healthy dogs and healthy cats. These are the things you would do to that you love cats and love pets in your life.

So, have to keep these cues in mind, and check on your furry friends on a regular basis. Let’s hope you and your cats live a long, happy friendship.


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