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Things to Know When a Cat Is Pregnant? [2024]


Cats have an independent nature in giving birth. Her pregnancy can be kept a secret until a small litter of cats is born. However, if taken care of properly, it will be better for both pregnant women and children.

Near the time of delivery, you need to observe and provide assistance in times of need. To know exactly when your pregnant cat is about to give birth, taking her for ultrasound is the most accurate method. It is a waste if you ignore the following 6.

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What are Pregnant Cat Signs?

Signs of pregnancy are evident in many behaviors and especially physical changes during pregnancy. If you do not know how to identify a pregnant cat, you can take your cat to veterinary services for inspection.

Cats are capable of breeding from the time of 4 months. Females love to find mates when the weather is warm, especially in spring and autumn. If you don’t have a lot of time, just watch out for pregnancy signs at this time.

When they start to get hot, they will call more often. This is one of the ways to attract male cats. If suddenly your domestic cat is “silent” suddenly – her pregnancy is extremely obvious.

Females often start the reproductive cycle when the weather is warm and once their body mass has increased by about 80%. In other words, after four months of age, cats will be able to breed in unusual cases.

When pregnant, cats also moody as pregnant. Some cats will be more friendly, but there are also cases of anger, scratching the owner. Don’t be sad though!

About 3-4 weeks pregnant, cats may be nauseous or vomiting. But if you vomit too much, you should take it to a vet for immediate check up.

Check out for Cat Pregnancy Body Sign

The most obvious sign of pregnancy is a big belly and a large back, exactly like a pregnant woman.

If all the parts are fat, just “naked” to gain your weight, not pregnant.

Another way to identify pregnant cats is to look at their nipples. The breast will be bigger, or pink, or produce milk. But in fact, cat breasts have changed since they started to get hot. Therefore, this way of checking is not entirely accurate.

How to Take Care of a Mother Cat

You should consult with your veterinarian when your cat is pregnant, especially if she is sick.

There are two most important points to remember now.

What are Pregnant Cat Times?

The gestation period for cats is about 58 – 67 days. The human gold standard is 9 days 10 days and week cats (60-63 days).

5. Signs Of Cat Miscarriage

Cat miscarriage is not a common phenomenon.

Signs of cat miscarriage include:

Best to take the mother cat to a veterinary hospital to check if she can save any kitten. Never inject or use any medicine while your cat is pregnant.

Prepare When Your Cat Gives Birth

Let the cat lie as naturally as possible.

Becoming a motherhood instinct helps a cat find a reasonable and spacious nesting place for its Kittens.

If you are in the cold winter, you can enhance driving warmer. Keep the space around the drive clean and quiet.

No matter how many months pregnant the cat is, close to the date of birth, the cat will actively look for her nest.

Should supplement nutrition when the cat is about to give birth.

How to Breed Newborn Cats

Absolutely limit strangers contact cat litter after birth, avoid the mother cat kittens go away.

If the kitten has an intestinal lump in the belly button, it may help to cut. But must wait for the cord connected to the mother gut is dry and remember to disinfect scissors.

Always provide enough nutrition for the mother cat right before and after birth. This is the time when mothers need to eat and drink a lot to provide milk for their cubs.

Note, cats are not human, do not give your cat food for humans at this time. Newborn kittens have a weak digestive system, so it’s best for them to breastfeed.

How to Take Care of a Newborn Kitten to Lose Its Mother

Newborn cats are greatly impaired without a mother.

In the case of death, try to find another mother to adopt another kitten.

Therefore, it is important to keep the mother’s health and check her cat regularly during several months of pregnancy.


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