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Why Is My Cat So Clingy? [2024]


Cats are very affectionate animals. They would always like to stay close to us. But there are occasions that this behavior becomes more than the usual thing that we know of. I have noticed it in my cat. Why is my cat so clingy? I have often asked myself that question.

Could there be reasons behind this behavioral change? Having a cat that welcomes your home after a long day at work is everyone’s wish. The same way you feel when the cat welcomes you back home is the very same way the cat feels. It is a mutual benefit. It can, however, become too much for you. She follows you to the bathroom, to the kitchen and so forth. My cat had the same problem.

At first, I thought it was a normal behavior, but later on, I realized that there was nothing normal in that behavior.

I did some research on my feline friend’s behavior, and I came up with some answers.

Why is my cat so clingy?

Why is my cat so clingy behavior?
Why is my cat so clingy behavior?

During my research, I came about some of the possible reasons that could make my cat so clingy. Some of them are so weird and yet so true. Have a look; you could be having the same problem or just a couple of days before you experience the same thing.

1. Why is my cat so clingy? – Illness

Why is my cat so clingy? illnes
Why is my cat so clingy?

Cats do not speak. Understanding their problems becomes difficult as a result of this. So how do we know for example when they are ill. Could this be one way to alert you that she is ill? Sudden and radical changes in a cat’s behavior symbolize illness.

So this all of a sudden needy behavior that the cat portrays could an earlier sign of illness. She might be turning to you for some comfort. It is through this way that she can forget about the pain she is having.The same way, if an affectionate cat becomes less clingy, there could be a possibility of an illness. I would advise that you have a veterinarian look into the possible cause of the cat’s behavior.

2. Why is my cat so clingy? – Environmental changes

Why is my cat so clingy?
Why is my cat so clingy?

Why is my cat so clingy? Could it be as a result of the change in environment?

These are some of the questions I kept asking myself after I acquired my little friend. I learned that this could have led to the funny behavior.

Cats feel a bit insecure in new environments. She has not found a spot and would generally tend to latch on you more often. Kittens that have left their mothers and taken to new places do miss the motherly comfort. You are the only source of comfort around her. Take no offense if you notice she is becoming so clingy.

Drastic changes such as in furniture and home arrangement can also introduce some fear into the cat. This does not mean you have to stay with the same furniture all the days of your life just to please her. You can, however, do the changes gradually.

Alternatively, you can confine the cat carefully indoors till she gets used to the new environment. New arrival of other pets can also make the cat uneasy. She might think that you might be considering ditching her for the new arrival.

Being that she wants to remain as close as possible to you, she will tend to be clingy. She might be thinking of the wrong she might have done. Your love must be won back by all means. I noticed this when I bought a dog. I was quite worried. Why is my cat so clingy? I kept asking myself. Little did I know that some fear was building fear in my feline that she might lose some love from me. But I managed to keep all of them close, and things became normal again.

3. Why is my cat so clingy? – Aging

Why is my cat so clingy?
Why is my cat so clingy?

Aging cats tend to divert from their normal behaviors.

Aloof cats all of a sudden become clingy while friendly ones tend to lose interest in the owner. Do you even know how old your cat is? Old cats don’t play too much, but you will realize some behavior changes in them.

You might get worried about something that you actually have no control over like age. Age is irreversible. So, there is no way you can help your friend apart from being there for her during her last days of living. Your cat does not need to start using a walking stick to tell you that she is old. You should have her age-related information with you. The care and comfort are all she needs at such moments.

However, much it becomes so annoying at times, do not let her be on her own. If your cat wants to spend the rest of her life with you after sensing that she is old, just allow her to do what she wishes for. She may want to make some reconciliation with you before it is too late.

4. Why is my cat so clingy? – Breed of the cat

Why is my cat clingy?
Why is my cat clingy?

Different species of cats have a different genetic preposition.

Why is my cat so clingy? Could it be genetic?

Purebred cats do exhibit certain traits and personalities such as being clingy.

  • Abyssinian cats that are more high-spirited and energetic.
    This species of cats is too playful and wouldn’t give you a chance to sit on the couch without running to you for some cuddling.
  • Siamese cats that will meow if they need some cuddling.
    The Siamese cats are the most vocal cats I have come across. There is one I once had; she could make noise around the house without minding about me. Funnily enough, she could only wait till I was back home and start the noise. Before that, she just behaves okay. I could gently rub the area around her neck, and she will be just fine.
  • Persian cats, on the other hand, are less active. They, therefore, tend to seek attention as well. Do not worry so much when you see them become clingy.

5. Why is my cat so clingy? – Difficult past life

Why is my cat so clingy?
Why is my cat so clingy?

Feline friends that have been rescued from the streets tend to be so much fearful. The past experience keeps haunting them. The same case applies to those that might have been involved in accidents. The only way that she is likely to gain some trust is by being clingy.

My cat was however well raised without so many problems but still had the same problem. “Why is my cat so clingy?” I kept asking myself. Luckily enough, I was able to get the right answer after I carried out extensive research regarding this issue.

Dealing with a clingy cat

Dealing with a clingy cat

A cat that is clingy requires proper handling. Below are some of the ways you can use to ensure that both you and your friend are comfortable.

  • The first step is finding out what could be the cause of this behavior. A vet can be of great help here. Always involve their expertise. If it is discovered that it is not health related in any way, then check on any possible environmental causes. Proper diagnosis is very important.
  • Always ensure that the cat has a proper refuge. It is advisable that whenever you are planning to change the environment, you keep the cat safe and away from disturbances. She should never know about the moving. Lock her up in a safe room till all is done then let her out. She won’t notice, and there won’t be many behavioral changes.
  • Cats love companionship. They can get it either from other pets or the owner. In the absence or even harshness of other pets, then you are the only option she is left with. Playing around with her is a good way of minimizing the clingy behavior.
  • Another way of minimizing this behavior is by simply ignoring the cat. A good cat will know that you are against the behavior. Do not reward mediocrity such as the too much clingy trait.

Do not even think about punishing her however much you might be annoyed. Punishments will make them more fearful hence being too demanding. Being that there is nowhere else to report you, she will still be around you to avoid the fear.

Why is my cat so clingy Summary

Why is my cat so clingy Wrapping up

There are numerous reasons why your cat could be as clingy as has been explained in this article.

Handling a cat with behavioral changes as mine was at some point not an easy task. It took me a lot of patience and time to understand why my cat was clingy at times. Always seek help from a vet in case you notice any changes in your cat.

The environment in which the cat lives should also be comfortable enough. Why should the cat be worried at home more than anywhere else? That should warrant an arrest of the owner. A comfortable cat is a happy cat. Learn to deal with the cat in the right manner whether she is too clingy or not.

Humans are meant to love cats this time around; the cats will do the same when they take over.

How was the article? Did you enjoy reading it? Do not hesitate to ask questions through the comment section provided if there are clarifications that you need.


I am a Female 3 year Bengal Crossbreed from London, UK