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Can Cats Eat Honey And Have A Healthy And Disease Free Life? [YES]


Can cats eat honey and have a healthy and disease free life? If so, what are the benefits of this nutritious human meal to them? Did you think that you are the only person who loves sweet things like honey in your house? Prepare for the rudest shock of your life as your feline friend can also enjoy the sweetness of honey. But is it really safe for cats to eat honey? These feline friends are carnivores but of course with a very high appetite for anything we eat. 

I have found myself in this tough situation with a lot of questions without answers. And my cat was all over the place crying to have a taste of the honey. You might find yourself in a similar situation.

Are there potential risks associated with honey on your cat’s life?

Let me make it clear that honey is good for your cat. She can have a taste of this sweet foodstuff, but of course, some precautions must be looked into.
Give unprocessed Honey that she can comfortably eat to completion. (Est ½ teaspoon)

Can cats eat honey Processed or unprocessed?

cats eat honey?
Honey for Cats?

It has been found by Scientists that the raw unprocessed honey is the best for cats

Which is the best form of honey meant for cats?

Do you even know which form of honey is best for you before we consider what is best for your cat?

You should get it right from the word go. You do not want to gamble with your cat’s life.

It has been found by Scientists that the raw, unprocessed honey is the best for cats.

Why the unprocessed? It sounds unsafe, right? Okay, here is the thing.

This thick and milky raw honey has a high content of antioxidants. These are additional immunity components to your cat.

Do you want your cat to be immune from infections? Get her that raw honey.

Processing the honey subjects it to other chemicals and extreme temperatures that will, in turn, affect the quality of the natural antioxidants. I prefer you go for them at their original stage where quality has not been interfered with. Besides, taking naturally unprocessed foods is even good for us humans.

What is the recommended quantity of Honey for Cats?

Can cats eat honey?
What is the recommended quantity of Honey for Cats?

Now the biggest question is how much is good for them. Remember cats are not like dogs that will actually eat the entire food presented before them.

Well, I know your cat is the picky eater just like most of them are. She won’t eat too much of the honey.

Just give your cat small amounts of unprocessed Honey that she can comfortably eat to completion. (½ teaspoon)

Do not force her to take too much down her throat. She will find it hard digesting it. As you know, too much of anything is bad. I tend to disagree with this statement somehow, what could possibly be bad about making a lot of money?

Now back to our main issue of discussion, cats’ small digestive systems with the small throats and mouths make it hard to digest large amounts of honey.

You should not even worry when she leaves some of this sweet stuff behind. She is simply taking care of herself. You have to understand and support her.

Can you imagine how this is likely to be for the cat? The best way to stop the imagination is by ensuring that she doesn’t consume much of it. Other cats, however, will avoid the honey in totality. It is okay still; don’t force her with what she does not like.

When using the honey for medicinal purposes on your cat then ½ teaspoon every day won’t be bad. This should be done on a rare basis.  Only when your cat gives you a hint that she is feeling unwell or if your vet officer informs you that you need to give her some honey. Don’t just go around making your own decisions as your cat may resist against your decision.

Can cats eat honey even when they are the sick?

Can cats eat honey?
Can cats eat honey?

Honey is a natural food that is good for coughs and sore throats

There are at times that your cat can develop a sore throat or inflammatory respiratory system. You can notice this condition when your feline friend is not able to eat her food as before. You have to ensure that it is not just a scratchy throat that is always common in cats.

You can call your veterinarian to help you with the diagnosis. Of course, you will have to part ways with some few notes.

What if you diagnose it on your own?

If your cat has a sore throat / coughs, you can add some little amounts of honey into her food or give it to her directly. Honey is a natural food that is good for coughs and sore throats.

I hope you have always tried this out whenever you have a sore throat. The same magic it had on you is not different to what your feline friend will experience.

As you administer this kind of medication, be close to your friend and take note of the response. To make it easily palatable, please add some little water to the honey so that it does not stick in your cat’s mouth or throat. Female socialite cats don’t like this; it is an embarrassment. Soon their pictures may be doing rounds on the social media platforms with sticky honey on their mouths.

You can be forced to use the eyedropper to efficiently give her this medication especially when she is unwilling to take it on her own. At times you need to rough with her just for her own safety and health. At times I do get mad at my cat but she later recalls how I helped and she comes to literally thanking me. Yours will also do the same time. You have to do it in a way that she does not feel offended. She can end up disliking you which is a very bad thing.

Can cats eat honey if they are allergic?

Can cats eat honey?
Can cats eat honey?

I am not a medical doctor, but a doctor friend of mine normally tells me that honey is the most natural way to relieve yourself from allergic reactions and sensitivity. It does so by suppressing our immune systems. But can this work on cats as well?

We must admit that cats and humans are two totally different creatures.

The good news is that honey can do the same trick on your cat. However, only the raw one, not the processed honey can do this trick. The pollens and antioxidants contained in the raw honey are responsible for the relief.

You can add small amounts of honey to your cat’s diet but after consulting her veterinarian. There are acute cases of allergy that the honey alone cannot help contain. It works best in case of seasonal allergies such as the red eyes and lethargic that is always common in cats in the fall and spring.

We cannot ignore cases where the cat might be allergic to the honey itself. It is a rare occurrence but can at times happen. If you find yourself in such a situation, please reach out to your veterinarian. He is in a better position to help you out; if you are a vet yourself then, of course, you should just go ahead and help your cat.

Precautions that should be taken when giving your cat honey

You cannot conclude that you have answered the “Can cats eat honey and have a healthy and disease free life” question without considering side effects of consuming honey.

Honey has high levels of sugar content.

This is what makes it that sweet. This sweetness and other benefits we have seen above can, however, come at a cost. Too much sugar is known to increase insulin levels.

If your cat suffers from diabetes, it is important that you have a word with your veterinarian before feeding her honey. Do not endanger the life of your cat. You would not wish to see her lose her life due to mistakes that could have been avoided like this.

Honey is not good for overweight cats.

It is known for large contents of calories which can make her add more weight. The overweight cats are not healthy and are prone to more complications. A cat that cannot even run is not different to a stationary stone. Only that she has some life in her.

Do not introduce your cats to honey at early stages.

Raw honey has some bacteria that are known to cause botulinum.
Given that kittens’ have underdeveloped immune systems; they cannot defend themselves against botulinum like the adult cats.D you want to see your young cat suffer at such an early stage of her life?

Can cats eat honey Summary

Can cats eat honey?
Can cats eat honey Summary

As much as there are numerous benefits of honey in a cat’s life, we must live with the reality that it also has some undesirable side effects.

It is for these reasons that veterinarians have a different view of this topic.

The best thing is to ensure that your feline friend can comfortably handle the small amounts of raw unprocessed honey without any serious side effects before you introduce her to it. After that, you can do it gradually while monitoring her condition.

Do you have any questions on your cats eating honey?

You can also send your comments regarding this topic. Please keep your cat safe and only give her what you think is safe for her.


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