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Why Is My Cat So Small?
Why Is My Cat So Small?
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Why Is My Cat So Small? [2024]


I think I should start a reality TV series show with my cats to let the world into our daily lives. Our daily life is normally filled with very funny episodes from when we wake up till we go to bed. The show would go by the name “keeping up with the catashians.”

I recently found myself in a very tricky situation with a new cat I added to the family. This new friend of mine was not adding any weight and seemed not to be growing. I was so worried and kept asking myself, “why is my cat so small?”

Of course, I have been feeding her well. And she eats so well. What could be the problem then? Are you experiencing the same problems with any of your cats? This article talks about this issue and what could be the possible causes of this condition.

Why is my cat so small Some of the circumstances that can lead to cats being so small

Why is my cat so small? Is it normal?

Why is my cat so small Is it normal

Is it normal? How best can you handle a cat that has this problem? These are some of the questions we seek to answer as regards this topic. It will help you a great deal. I mean it because this is a site that you can always trust when it comes to matters of the feline friend.

There are no specific answers to these two questions. This ends up complicating everything. How confused was I? I hate it when I am seeking for information regarding a motive issue like this, yet I cannot get the answers to my questions.

How about you? I know how worried you have been as well. Sometimes you can’t sleep when you remember that your best friend is not adding weight. This sometimes happens despite the fact that she is clearing any food that she comes across. Is it ill health or genetic? What could be the problem?Here is the thing; at times it is normal especially if it is genetic or natural variance. Just like human beings cannot all be of the same size, so is the case with cats as well. Some are also caused by external factors such as nutrition.

Some of the circumstances that can lead to cats being so small

Why is my cat so small Lack of some nutrients

Some of the circumstances that can lead to cats being so small

Why is my cat so small? You may spend the whole week and even a whole month trying to find the answer to this question. Let’s start with the simplest reasons that can lead to such a situation.

1. Sex of the cat

Why is my cat so small Sex of the cat

Sex of the cat

Generally, female cats are known to be smaller than their male counterparts especially if they are of the same age. Of what gender is your feline friend? If she is female and she seems to be smaller than her male brothers, you should not be worried so much.

2. The feeding pattern

The feeding pattern

Is she eating well? Are her stronger brothers bullying her in any way? If she behaves just normally as the rest, then her smallness can be attributed to her gender. What could be the reason behind female cats having small sizes by the way? Well, let’s have this discussion some other time.

3. Breed of the cat

Why is my cat so small Breed of the cat

Breed of the cat

Breed type also plays an important role in the size of the cat. There are some breeds and even gene combinations especially of street cats that are known to be smaller than other breeds. Are you able to trace your cat’s history to know her parents?

Or is she the kind that was as a result of breeding of stray cats? The problem with most of the stray cats is that they sneak into the compound at very odd times. It makes it quite hard to meet them and even trace their origin. I literally chase them away if I realize there are any around my compound.

But if you can trace a clear history of your feline friend and you notice that she must have shared some ancestry with the known small breeds then it should not concern you that much. It will be normal for her to adopt the petite size.Gene inheritance is something that is beyond human control. So is the case with cats. I believe if it was a choice to be made, then the unpleasant ones like small size could have been avoided. You will simply allow your friend to be contented with it.

4. Lack of some nutrients

Why is my cat so small Try changing her diet

Lack of some nutrients

Why is my cat so small? Could it be as a result of lacking some nutrients? Yes, you are actually right. She could have missed on a number of nutrients at an early stage of her life. But why does this happen at such an early stage? Could her mother have been such irresponsible? This is not the perfect time to point fingers. The “why is my cat so small” puzzle is now a matter in your hands and not the cat’s mother.

You cannot blame the mother for that. Maybe she lost contact with the mother due to death. Maybe she was not that strong enough, and her other siblings could not allow her to enjoy the breast milk. Such do happen, it is normal. If it is true, then the feline friend could be justified to have the small body size.

Stunted growth is also a condition that can be traced from the cat’s point of birth. It may be as a result of sickness while she was still a small kitten. These are some of the many causes of small size in cats. Some can be avoided while others are natural; there is nothing we can do about them.

Why is my cat so small? What should I do about it?

You can always help your feline friend gain some weight. Except for cases where the problem is a natural one like being genetic, or the cat breed is a smaller kind. It is not a one-off affair. It is something that should actually be done right from the time of birth.

a. Ensure all kittens are properly fed

Why is my cat so small The feeding pattern

Ensure all kittens are properly fed

Always ensure that the kitten is properly fed on the breast milk. It is very important for their health. All the kittens born should have equal chance to access the mother’s milk. There is this kind of kittens who are always born stronger than others.I don’t know how this happens though. They have a tendency to push away the weaker ones. Why don’t you spend most of the time around to ensure that none is discriminated during breastfeeding? It ensures that every one of them gets the opportunity to acquire the necessary growth nutrients.

b. Constant checkups

Why is my cat so small Constant checkups

Constant checkups

It is recommended that your cat undergoes regular checkup right from birth. Make it a routine just like going to the clinic for the humans. Early detection of illnesses that might lead to retarded growth in cats can be treated at earlier stages.Early diagnosis and treatment of such illnesses make your cat live a healthy lifestyle. Who wouldn’t like their cats to be healthy in the first place? If you are that kind, then you have no business owning a cat. She can mobilize her friends and pass a motion of disowning you for being not a caring “parent.”

c. Try changing her diet

Why is my cat so small Constant checkups

Try changing her diet

Why don’t you try cat foods with high protein and fat content? These are well known for weight gain. EVO Grain-Free Cat Food is another good cat food for growth and weight gain. 95% of its content is duck and Chicken/Turkey. This makes the meal rich in proteins which are very essential for the growth of your feline friend.


EVO Grain-Free Cat Food (Via:

There you have it on “why is my cat so small.” Knowing your cat right from the point of birth is very important when it comes to their growth. The reasons discussed above are what may make your cat to keep eating and never get any bigger in size. Some reasons should worry you while others should not.

The natural causes are however beyond our control and should not be a bother to us. After all, there is nothing you can do about them. Of course, you can always involve your veterinarian to help you understand your cat better.EVO Grain-Free Cat Food is also a good food for proper growth of cats. You can always try it out. How is the article? Have you liked it? Help me make it viral if you don’t mind. Any questions can always be left in the comment section below, and an appropriate response will be provided. Thank you.


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