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How To Hypnotize A Cat: Do It Without The Cat Noticing A Thing! [2024]


So your loyal cat suddenly develops some change of behaviors and acts all crazy with no explanation behind it at all. She starts scratching the floor, knocking everything and behaving like the devil himself. You start wondering if your cat is from hell or another planet altogether. Do alien cats exist by the way? Anyway, that is a question to be answered next time. We are not here to discuss alien cats, right?

How to hyptonize a cat Are you ready to hypnotize a cat

How To Hypnotize A Cat: Do It Without The Cat Noticing A Thing!

Change of behaviors and acts all crazy

Back to our main focus, what do you do if your lovely feline friend decides to be going nuts whenever she feels like? If your cat starts issuing you with commands in the house, is there anything you can do about it? Don’t get me wrong, I believe cats will dominate the world in the future, but I don’t believe the “future” we are talking about is right now.

If you believe your cat has joined some cult, you need to talk to your neighbor’s cat who may happen to be the leader of the cult to leave your cat alone. A serious cat exorcism must be carried out after your cat ceases to be a member of the cult. But if your cat never meets other cats to convince her to join a cult, you just need to hypnotize her. If you don’t know how to hypnotize a cat, this is the best piece for you.

Impacts of hypnotizing your cat

how to hypnotize a cat Whisper anything you would want to tell her

False stories spread like wildfire, that is the fact that you need to accept. Perhaps you have heard over thousand plus myths about hypnotizing cats. Well, forget everything you’ve heard before. Your cat will be that angel you long to have in your house again after hypnotism.

It is a means of pacifying and calming your furry friend. The cat will feel at ease and much more relaxed. A hypnotized cat will always be quiet and still when dealing with stress or even some fear. Hypnotism has no harmful effects on your cat’s physical and mental well-being as is claimed by some people who are there seeking recognition by peddling lies.

Trust me; your cat will even be more loyal after being hypnotized. You can command your cat to look for his peers in the neighborhood and convince them to come do your laundry or convince the girl next door to go on a date with you.

Hypnotism has no harmful effects on your cat’s health

Are you ready for action? What do you need to hypnotize your cat?

how to hypnotize a cat Hypnotism has no harmful effects on your cats health

Some of you would like to try this out, and you don’t even have your cat in the first place. Well if your neighbor’s cat is notorious for some bad behavior; this is the perfect time and reason for “stealing” his cat just for a few minutes.

Just be careful not to get caught, plead with the cat not to report what you did to the neighbor. Actually, just concentrate on not getting caught because you can command the cat not to say anything to the neighbor during the hypnotism process.

So, you first of all need a cat from whichever source. You then need a quiet place where your cat is comfortable with. If you stole your neighbor’s cat, I don’t know how you’ll handle this, but there is always a way. You, of course, need time and a lot of patience. If you are impatient and you have your neighbor’s cat, you’d better let her go before you get caught.Some soft music may come in handy. Instead of singing in the shower, let the cat be your first audience as you strive to become a music star. You also need a soft voice; you don’t want to scare the cat with a hoarse and funny voice.

Are you ready to hypnotize a cat

The step by step procedure of hypnotizing a cat:

I know you have really waited for this part; I couldn’t rush any faster to reach this part without going through all the information you have read above. Even Rome was not built in one day. If I did that, then you’d be half-baked and fail in your quest to hypnotize your cat.

1. Catch your cat

how to hypnotize a cat Release the cat

As I had said earlier, you need to have a cat. Gently catch the cat ensuring that you avoid injuring her in any way. There is no point of treating the cat roughly. You need to carefully pick her up and avoid holding her very tightly.

Do it the same way you always do to show her your affection. You must have been familiar with your neighbor’s cat for some time now to carry out this successfully. Otherwise, the neighbor’s cat might get uneasy and launch her self-defense missiles. Trust me; you don’t want to experience the wrath of the cat’s self-defense mechanism.

2. Be calm and comfortable

You need to be calm whether dealing with your cat or your neighbor’s “stolen” cat. Even if you are getting caught by your neighbor, just stay calm. You’ll have to find a way of staying calm when you are about to get caught with your neighbor’s cat.

Place the cat on your laps while lying on her back. Just relax as doing this will prevent the cat from getting injured even as the hypnosis process progresses.

You need to be calm

3. Start the exorcism! Sorry, start hypnotizing the cat

This is the big moment. It is time to give it a trial. Start by gently stroking the cat and telling her anything you would want to tell her. Of course, you can’t tell her to organize her army and go rob a bank, assassinate the president, hijack a plane or anything of that sort.

Continue by cradling the cat’s head by using both hands while rubbing her eyes using your thumbs. This is where the patience I talked about earlier comes in. If you are impatient and you didn’t back off when I told you to, there is no turning back having reached this point.

Wait for the cat to get to a somehow deeply relaxed state and check if her eyes have grown heavy. If you realize that she is relaxed, you have just completed the first phase of hypnotizing a cat.It’s not the time to start blowing your own trumpet though because you still have more to do so as to complete the whole process.

Whisper anything you would want to tell her.

4. Take charge of the cat’s mind

This is the part I love most! I normally feel like a magician during this part. This part makes me feel like I have some supernatural powers, some sort of a Superman or Batman in the cat’s world.

This is the part where you’ll use your sweet voice to whisper some things to the cat. You can tell the cat to stop knocking things over, like sleeping at night, mop the house every day or play in the neighbor’s yard.

During this time if there was someone near you, ask the person to leave. Otherwise, you may control his mind as well, and he might get the urge to lick the hands and behave like a cat. If this happens, both of you will be in trouble.

5. Release the cat

Gently release the cat from your laps and let her stand on her four legs. She may remain in this state for a period of time depending on the impact of the hypnosis. You should have your fingers crossed so that the cat remains in that state for the shortest time possible if you were hypnotizing your neighbor’s cat.

Release the cat

This is because after all that time since the whole process started, you are more likely to get caught at this moment than ever. The cat will be more loyal and retain her normal right behavior, and this will help in eliminating your worries.

If you were hypnotizing your cat, this is the perfect time to order her to mop your house like I have always been telling mine in this video:

Wrapping up

how to hypnotize a cat Do it without the Cat Noticing A Thing

If you have been desperate to know how to hypnotize a cat, we believe you are sharp enough to get everything perfectly right. Mastering the skills of performing this ritual/ practice requires exceptional levels of patience and hard work.

You need to practice it more regularly and honestly speaking; you need your own cat as you can’t be “stealing” your neighbor’s cat every time to hone your skills. Another piece of advice, use this skill with good intentions. This is because hypnotized cat’s if used for wrong intentions can be a recipe for the third world war.

Have you ever hypnotized your cat or any other cat for that matter? How was the whole process? How effective was the process? Do you have another method of hypnotizing cats that you would like us to know about

?You can easily communicate with us via our email or the comments section below to let us know about your thoughts regarding the process of hypnotizing cats.


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