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It is very normal to have animals poop. Excretion is part of animals’ lives; cats inclusive. My cat is normally very shy when pooping and doesn’t like being seen by anyone. But how long can a cat go without pooping? This is a very important issue to look into whether you have a new kitten or a relatively old cat.

Pooping in cats can be used to understand the cat’s health. Nobody likes to clean the cat poop from the litter every time. But do you know that if your cat poops regularly, you are so lucky? It means that your feline friend has a healthy digestive system. This is a perfect example of a blessing in disguise.

There are circumstances that your cat might take days before pooping. What can cause this? And what is the most recommended schedule that your cat should follow when pooping? This comprehensive article answers these questions plus much more that are related to cats and their pooping.

Just like human beings, cats can be scared at times. I vividly remember sometime last year when my feline friend was scared of actually everything. It was a tough and challenging time for us. But why is my cat scared all of a sudden? This is a strange behavior in cats, and you must confront her to tell you why she is scared all of a sudden. Just be careful about how to approach her.

Could she be sick? Is it normal? These are some of the questions that I kept asking myself throughout the period when she exhibited this behavior. You might be experiencing the same thing at home with your cat. You realize that she is not comfortable and she keeps hiding from you.

The look on her face is like she sees some ghosts in the house. You are no ghost remember, and there is nothing close to that in your neighborhood. Is it a treatable condition? What are the causes? Look, you are in the right place. This article has it all.

What is the recommended pooping schedule for a healthy cat?

www.catsdom.com - Know your cat better How long can a cat go without pooping - What is the recommended pooping schedule for a healthy cat

What is the recommended pooping schedule for a healthy cat

A healthy cat should have one or at most two bowel movements on a single day. Some cats can, however, do it less or more than this. It is however important that you keep a close eye on the feline friend so that you understand her schedule.

The rule of thumb insists on at least a poop a day. If your little friend goes for days without pooping, then you should be a worried person. What causes this condition? How long can a cat go without pooping? How can it be addressed? These are some of the questions that might cross your mind.

Cats are very intelligent animals. But of course, they cannot match the human intelligence. Studies have shown that their dreams more or less resemble ours only that they are less abstract. How I wish cats were able to speak so that they can narrate to us the kind of dreams they do have.

I will need to be a cat whisperer to understand their language. I would like to have a verbal fight with my cat especially if she stammers when angry. Generally, dreams are always composed of what we come across during our daily lives.

The same is the case with cats. What? I tend to believe that the cats will soon take over from mankind very soon. How come they have a lifestyle that is almost the same as that we have? I am a worried and concerned human. Do I need to worry more? I will have to consult my cat’s opinion regarding this issue.

These are cats that have radioactive components in them. They can be genetically modified cats that have the ability to change their colors at the exposure to radiation. You thought that chameleons are the only animals capable of changing their colors? You will be surprised you can own a cat with the very same capabilities. That will be so cool, right?

The color change is meant to warn you about the danger that you will be exposed to in that area. This means that you will have to carry your cat along to whichever place you will be going. What can be hard about that? I bet nothing at all. If indeed the friendship between you and your cat is mutual then it should like a marriage, always with each other for better or for worse.

The mythology is created around these ray-cats with praises in music and arts so that their importance as far as warning on dangerous areas is concerned for years to come. This is one of the best warning methods you can find. I hate the deadly warnings of skulls placed on notice boards.

They are so scary. They just make you think that you are already dead (walking dead) or you are going to die the next second. These warnings should be replaced with more friendlier ones that will still drive the message home. I hope you those warnings with skulls as well.

Those scary warning images can make you faint. These signs will make you think that yours with life is over. As if that is the end of your life. And there you are doing all that is within your capability to live as long as the Biblical Methuselah. Everybody strives to stay long nowadays; even your cat would want you to stay longer so that your friendship can last as long as possible.

Another case is the radioactive cats that have gained such status due to treatment from radioactive iodine. Both cases are very important to us as humans. Having a radioactive cat is very important as we shall come to know about in the next section of our article.

How long can a cat go without pooping? What are the factors that affect the pooping schedule of cats? 

www.catsdom.com - Know your cat better How long can a cat go without pooping - What are the factors that affect the pooping schedule of cats

What are the factors that affect the pooping schedule of cats

Why the cat?

The issue of how many times a cat can poop is a crucial question that has no specific answer. There are factors that might be influential when it comes to this question. Some of them are as below:

  • Age: Kittens excrete more often than the adult cats. Kittens’ cells are actively dividing due to growth. This together with the fact that they are so playful makes them require a lot of energy. The only way to get the extra energy is through extra feeding which means increased excretion as well.
  • Amount of exercise: Is your cat the playful type or the one that sleeps a lot? Regular exercise increases body metabolism ensuring there is proper digestion of food. If your cat spends most of her time sleeping, she might develop serious digestive problems. Find a way of enticing your cat to play with you so that she can exercise in the process and keep healthy.
  • The quantity of food: The amount of food you give to your feline friend in a way affects how she poops. Too much food means she will poop more often. I’m sure you won’t like the amount of poop that she lets out after feeding her on too much food. You will just be seeing artificial “poop” mountains in her litter.
  • Medical conditions: Hyperthyroidism, inflammatory bowel, kidney conditions, parasite infestation among others can also affect how a cat poops. How long can a cat go without pooping under such medical conditions? This is a question that has no fixed response, but veterinarians are in a better place to tackle this.
  • Medication/Supplements- If a cat is under medication or supplements, it can have a direct impact on the motility of their guts, therefore, affecting the digestive process. The result is seen on how often she lets out a poop.

Do you mean there are different types of sleep that a cat might have? Yes, your question is answered. When I said I was beginning to become worried about the feline friends taking over from us, did you think it was a joke?

Well, let us go back to the issue at hand. The cats are likely to experience two types of dreams depending on the type of sleep they have. They are the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and the non-REM. But what do cat dreams mean?

It is during REM that most dreaming takes place. The eyes move randomly and rapidly making the brain activity to resemble what the animal does when awake. You are likely to see your cat being active at the initial stage of this process. This is becoming strange, but it is very normal for seasoned cat owners. It is not some kind of ritual for joining some weird cat cult. No such things.

You can actually get terrified at the scene of the cat being so much active while asleep. Has she all of a sudden become a ghost? Not really; it is so normal for them to behave that way. She won’t wake up that easily if you try to awaken her. I don’t even know why you want to disturb her at such a time.

Non-REM dreams are those that are less visual with a lot of fragments. Kittens are heavy dreamers compared to the older cats. I know you can be worried about this especially if it is a kitten that you recently acquired. Just give her time, and you will not experience these bizarre scenes since the need for processing new information will be reducing.

What do cat dreams mean? Is there a way in which it is helpful to the cats? The muscle-twitching which is common in kittens and is always accompanied with dreams will be gone with time as the cat grows. Before she becomes an adult, you will have to tolerate your kitten’s natural behavior.

Constipation in cats

Are there products that can be used when the cat is stressed?
www.catsdom.com - Know your cat better How long can a cat go without pooping - Constipation in cats

Constipation in cats

Constipation is the biggest contributor to cats taking long to poop. Kittens should have numerous bowel movements in a day whereas adult cats should have an average of a single bowel each day. In case of constipation, the stool becomes larger and harder in the colon.

It is something not to be worried about if it happens just once in a while. But if becomes consistent then you have all the reasons to be worried about your feline friend. She is likely to get stressed at the chance to poop. How will she feel when she doesn’t poop as her friends?

How long can a cat go without pooping when constipated? Constipation is largely caused by the type of food the cat eats. Other causes of constipation in cats are:

  • Over-grooming is leading to excess hair in the cat’s digestive tract. Fur contributes towards slow transit of waste when they get lodged at the colon.
  • Problems with the kidney lead to water wastage in the body making the cat lose more water through frequent urination.
  • Tumors and narrow colon slow down the process of getting wastes out of the colon.
  • Obstruction of the colon by bones
  • Spinal injuries
  • Fiber-less diets
  • Dehydration as a result of intake of food with less moisture content and general lack of water.
 Seek advice from the vet in case of abnormal constipation.

Why is my cat scared all of a sudden? Is it something that happens so often? And if it is likely to happen again, is there any product I can look for to help my cat? These are some of the tough questions you might ask yourself. I surely did as well. I can relate.

The best news is that there are actually products on the market that can help you control this situation. The Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser is one product that is known to mimic the cat’s pheromone and therefore helps in calming her down.

This drug-free and odorless product will convince your cat about the safety and friendliness of an area. She will, therefore, have nothing to worry about. With such confidence, she will have automatically minimized on stress-related issues that might leave her scared. By now you should have known that a stressed cat is a scared one.

It is recommended that you have this product with you especially when you have to move into a new house or if you are planning to decorate your house. You will have spared yourself the agony of a stressed and scared cat.

How to make your cat poop regularly to understand how long she can go without pooping

www.catsdom.com - Know your cat better How long can a cat go without pooping - How to make your cat poop regularly to understand how long she can go without pooping

How to make your cat poop regularly to understand how long she can go without pooping

Handling constipation depends on what caused it. This is where you need a vet to help with the diagnosis. The best treatment of any problem starts with knowing what caused it. With this in mind, you can comfortably use the available treatment options.

There are treatments that when administered to your feline friend, she is likely to be radioactive to some extent. A radioiodine treatment is one of the most common ways of treating hyperthyroidism. That is not Greek. I can see you scratching your head at the mention of the word.

In simple terms, hyperthyroidism is a condition most common in older and middle-aged cats. When is the last day you held a birthday celebration for your cat? Do you even remember how old your cat is? Well, that should be a story for another day. This condition will make your cat start behaving so strangely.

Your cat is likely to have an increased appetite, eating everything and anything she comes about. The funny part is that with this heavy feeding, your friend will keep losing weight. It is like the food is passed out directly as it comes from the mouth.

Other symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, frequent thirst and urination, mood changes and hyperactivity. This condition can be treated using the Pet Wellbeing Methimazole for Cats which is continuously administered for a year or longer for complete treatment.

Can your cat maintain this dosage for a year? That is practically impossible. My cat is that type that has a phobia for drugs. So a one-off treatment will save you the struggle. The best way of treating such a condition is therefore by using the radioactive iodine.

The radioactive iodine is injected once into the cat, and that will be the end of treatment. This automatically makes your best friend radioactive. But what is special about a radioactive cat that has undergone this method of hyperthyroidism treatment? Well, the radioactive iodine is safe for human beings. I can see the sigh of relief on your face now.

Proper medication

www.catsdom.com - Know your cat better How long can a cat go without pooping - Proper medication

Proper medication

Medications such as laxatives and stool softeners are very important when it comes to treating constipation in cats. Foods with high fiber content such as Wellness CORE Grain-free Wet Canned Cat Food are important when it comes to enhancing the digestive tract of cats. Regularly provide such kind of foods as part of their meals.

Manual evacuation

www.catsdom.com - Know your cat better How long can a cat go without pooping - Manual evacuation

Manual evacuation

Manual evacuation of the cat’s bowel is another way to ease advanced constipation. It is done through anesthetizing the cat’s colon. Do you understand this? You shouldn’t. A veterinarian does. It is their work.

If the colon is dilated, leading to frequent constipation, then there is no choice but to have the cat undergo a surgical operation. Removal of the affected part will be the only way out. It appears painful, but it is done for the benefit of the cat.

Regular supply of water

www.catsdom.com - Know your cat better How long can a cat go without pooping - Regular supply of water

Regular supply of water

Another way of preventing constipation is by ensuring that there is a constant supply of water for the cat. However picky the cat is, she will take some little of it. Given that we do not speak one language, at times it becomes difficult to gauge when the cat is dehydrated and needs some water. The best you can do is ensuring that there is always clean and safe water within her reach.

Exercise the cat

www.catsdom.com - Know your cat better How long can a cat go without pooping - Exercise the cat

Exercise the cat

Encourage the cat to have regular physical exercises. Do not confine the cat to just eating and sleeping. At times I get mad at my cat when she just sleeps all day, so I literally chase her out of the house a few minutes after giving her food. It works well. It does not take long, and she is back to her litter box to relieve herself.

 She leaves that stinking “bomb” in there and stretches with a lot of relief. You might think that she just won a jackpot. She seems not to care about how am struggling to find breath in the presence of her poop. Could she be laughing at me because she just did what I wanted? I will have to look for a translator to help me here.

Important piece of advice

www.catsdom.com - Know your cat better How long can a cat go without pooping - Important piece of advice

Important piece of advice

Please take note of the kind of poop that your cat produces. It is another important way of knowing how healthy your little friend is. She is healthy if the poop is deep brownish, not so tough and not so soft as well as not smelly. There are however cases where the nasty odor is just typical. I guess this is the category my cat falls.

How maintain your cats pooping schedule

www.catsdom.com - Know your cat better How long can a cat go without pooping - How maintain your cats pooping schedule

How maintain your cats pooping schedule

Here are some very crucial things you can do to help your cat maintain a normal pooping schedule:

  • Increase exercise and play time for the cat
  • Provide her with clean and safe water
High Fiber foods such as Wellness CORE Grain-Free Wet Canned cat Food should form part of the cat’s diet


www.catsdom.com - Know your cat better How long can a cat go without pooping - Conclusion

Know your cat better How long can a cat go without pooping - Conclusion

How long can a cat go without pooping? This article has carefully tackled this question, and every cat owner should now have a rough idea of the whole issue. This is a question that varies from cat to cat leaving it with no specific answer.

Pooping in cats is as important as their feeding is. It should never be ignored at any given time. Just make sure that you tell your cat to use the cat air freshener after pooping so that her room can smell nice. The chemical reactions that normally happen in the stomachs of some cats result in a pungent smell that cannot be handled without air fresheners.

Do you have any questions that you need to be answered as concerns this article? Get to me through the comment section below.

Safety precautions to be considered

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