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What Do Cat Dreams Mean
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Diving Into The Cat’s World: What Do Cat Dreams Mean? [2024]


Cats, just like most animals, sleep. Is it possible that they dream in their sleep just like humans? And how do you know when your cat is dreaming? What do cat dreams mean? These are some of the difficult questions that might ring in our minds at the mention of cats and dreams.

What do Cats Dream About?

You might end up spending your entire life with domestic animals but end up knowing so little about them. Cats spend approximately 16 hours a day sleeping. During this time, their consciousness and sensory systems are reduced. That means that there is a high possibility of them having dreams.But what do they dream about? Is it harmful or important to them? Are the dreams same as those we have? Read along as we answer these questions in this article.

What do cats dream about?

What do cats dream about

What do cats dream about

Cats are very intelligent animals. But of course, they cannot match the human intelligence. Studies have shown that their dreams more or less resemble ours only that they are less abstract. How I wish cats were able to speak so that they can narrate to us the kind of dreams they do have.

I will need to be a cat whisperer to understand their language. I would like to have a verbal fight with my cat especially if she stammers when angry. Generally, dreams are always composed of what we come across during our daily lives.The same is the case with cats. What? I tend to believe that the cats will soon take over from mankind very soon. How come they have a lifestyle that is almost the same as that we have? I am a worried and concerned human. Do I need to worry more? I will have to consult my cat’s opinion regarding this issue.

Types of sleep in cats

Do you mean there are different types of sleep that a cat might have? Yes, your question is answered. When I said I was beginning to become worried about the feline friends taking over from us, did you think it was a joke?

Well, let us go back to the issue at hand.

The cats are likely to experience two types of dreams depending on the type of sleep they have.

1. Rapid Eye Movement (REM)
2. non-REM.

But what do cat dreams mean?

It is during REM that most dreaming takes place. The eyes move randomly and rapidly making the brain activity to resemble what the animal does when awake. You are likely to see your cat being active at the initial stage of this process. This is becoming strange, but it is very normal for seasoned cat owners. It is not some kind of ritual for joining some weird cat cult. No such things.

You can actually get terrified at the scene of the cat being so much active while asleep. Has she all of a sudden become a ghost? Not really; it is so normal for them to behave that way. She won’t wake up that easily if you try to awaken her. I don’t even know why you want to disturb her at such a time.

Non-REM dreams are those that are less visual with a lot of fragments. Kittens are heavy dreamers compared to the older cats. I know you can be worried about this especially if it is a kitten that you recently acquired. Just give her time, and you will not experience these bizarre scenes since the need for processing new information will be reducing. What do cat dreams mean? Is there a way in which it is helpful to the cats? The muscle-twitching which is common in kittens and is always accompanied with dreams will be gone with time as the cat grows. Before she becomes an adult, you will have to tolerate your kitten’s natural behavior.

Do cats sleepwalk? What does that symbolize?

Do cats sleepwalk
Do cats sleepwalk

Do cats sleepwalk What does that symbolize

Slight physical movements are the common indicators that a cat is dreaming. But have you ever known that cats can always sleepwalk? However, sleepwalking in cats is always accompanied with brain-damage. Have you ever seen a mentally challenged cat? Don’t even think about it.If your cat frequently sleepwalks, then it is recommended that you involve the services of a veterinarian. The earlier the diagnosis is made, the better for your feline friend. Before seeking the services of a vet, you can ask your cat if she joined some cult so that you can cast out the spirits making her act strangely.

What do cat dreams mean? What do they actually dream about?

What do cat dreams mean? What do they actually dream about?

Cats are known to have good and bad dreams, just like us. I personally hate nightmares in the form of dreams. Cats that have had a dark past like being so ill, being abandoned or having been attacked are mostly fond of experiencing bad dreams.

If your cat has had to do with some of these ugly life experiences, then do not be surprised if you see her jolt out of sleep looking terrified with wide eyes. She must have had a terrifying dream. This is one of those times that she needs you the most.

Stay close to her and offer the comfort and assurance that she is safe. Cats are emotional, and if you ignore them at such times, it can affect their lifestyle and eventually their overall health.

What the hell is the cat worried about to lead to such kind of dreams? At least for us, it is a bit understandable. We do worry about a lot, especially things that we are not comfortable with.

There are times the dream is actually a good one. You will be kind of surprised to see your feline all smiles while asleep. You might think that she is just happy with the food that you gave her only to realize that she was in a different world altogether.

That is when you will realize it was all just a dream. But what do cat dreams mean? The cat ends up enjoying everything she could have enjoyed while awake during the sleep.

Examples of cat dreams and what they mean

Here are some examples of what the cat might dream of:

1. Chasing prey

What do Cats Dream mean? Chasing Prey
What do Cats Dream mean? Chasing Prey

Chasing prey

The killing of preys is a major component of the cat’s life. In fact, this is what cats do their entire lifetime. If your cat is not the type that sneaks out to look for rodents and any other animals, then that is not a cat to me.

My cat sometimes brings her catch at home. This animal needs some thorough beating. Whenever she is refusing to eat, I just look around the house because I know there is a delicacy somewhere around that she will turn to even if she does not eat what I provide her with.

It is very much okay for them. During sleep, the cat might portray some of her hunting skills in the dream. You may witness the head moving, and you wonder what is wrong with your feline friend. Keep calm. She is just “hunting.” Wait till she wakes up to no prey. That is when the reality shall hit her hard.Dreaming about killing prey is common in cats. Can she dream about killing me? I am beginning to live in fear. Is she dares make such a dream then I will be the first to run away from her. She won’t think of trying such a dream again.

2. Avoiding threats

What do cat dreams mean Avoiding threats

Avoiding threats

The cat is another animal that is always very keen when it comes to what happens in the environment. A cat is capable of sensing danger long before it happens. They are always in constant practice on how to avoid threats that might come their way.Do not be surprised if you see your cat transferring her training to dreams during sleep. If there is something that keeps scaring her in the neighborhood, then she will always be thinking about it during sleep. You might see her straining to run.

3. Running

What do Cats Dream mean? Running
What do Cats Dream mean? Running


Cats rarely walk. They are always on a constant run move. This makes me wonder what kind of hurry they are often in. The same is carried to sleep, and they enjoy dreaming about it. She wakes up after that, makes some stretches and you will see her making real her run moves she dreamt of.What do cat dreams mean? Most cat dreams point towards the cat’s well-being. It is a normal thing the very same way it is to us.


Diving into the Cats world What do cat dreams mean Conclusion

Diving into the Cat’s world What do cat dreams mean – Conclusion

Cat life is one that is full of controversial things. Some of them often go unnoticed; dreams being one of them. If you happen not to notice your cat dreaming, there is no cause for alarm. It is not a serious issue.But what do cat dreams mean? They don’t actually mean much. Just a reflection of what they tend to do while awake is what they translate into dreams. Do you have a comment to make? Make use of the comment section right below this article.


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