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The Best Dry Kitten Food Brands [2024]


You happen to be the new parent of this beautiful kitten. The love, pride and confusion all start to run through your mind. All these are happening because you need to provide her with the very best of her needs as she grows up into a healthy cat.

Best Dry Kitten Food Brands How to administer the best dry kitten food brands

The most confusing part is choosing the right food for her during the weaning period. Especially when you have heard various misleading information as pertains kittens and food. The difficulty of choosing the best dry kitten food brands from the wide variety of dry kitten food brands will be a thing of the past if you carefully go through this article to the end.

Why would there be these products in the market if the kittens cannot eat them in the first place? I am going to bury all those rumors you have probably heard of in this single piece.

Produc​t NameQualityOur RatingPrice
 Petcurean 815260000796 Dry  Kitten Food BrandACheck Price
 BLUE Wilderness Dry Kitten  Food BrandACheck Price
 Purina Dry Kitten Food BrandA-Check Price
 Wellness Complete Dry Kitten  Food BrandA-Check Price
 Blue Buffalo Dry Kitten Food  BrandB+Check Price

What is the recommended time to start feeding kittens on dry food?

You really would not wish to harm her with the hardest of meals

Remember this is a kitten you are dealing with. With just a few teeth forming, you really would not wish to harm her with the hardest of meals. This leaves us with the agony of trying to know when exactly we can start feeding these little creatures with dry food.

Kittens that have not been weaned right from nursing can be introduced to the dry food from around two to four weeks from the time of birth. Being the caring parent you are, you might be tempted to start it before such a time. It is very wrong! I find you doing it I will not hesitate to discipline you by taking your little friend away. How about that?

At the initial stages, you moisten the best dry kitten food brands with a little water to make it soft. Do not inflict injuries to your little friend in the name of feeding. Who does that anyway? Who injures her kitten instead of protecting her?

Such things should not happen on planet earth, perhaps on another planet. If you ever try doing that, just know that you are signing your hatred certificate for you and your kitten.  She will start hating you so early. It can affect the bond between the two of you.

Cats are very good at keeping memories especially the negative ones

Cats are very good at keeping memories especially the negative ones. She won’t forget what you did to her. Simply avoid that by making the dry food just a little wet for her comfort. You have to do it; there is no way out.

There is one thing you must always keep in your mind; cats will soon dominate the world. So how you treat them right now really matters as they might decide to treat you just the same when their time to rule the world will be around the corner.

I can’t help imagining how a cat you have been mistreating will rule you ruthlessly during the domination in the future. Some cats hold grudges and therefore it is good to watch your steps on how you deal with these feline friends of ours.

Benefits of the best dry kitten food brands

Best Dry Kitten Food Brands How to buy the best products this year

Benefits of the best dry kitten food brands

What is it that these foods offer to make them so special for your little friend? You cannot just feed your kitten to get full. Otherwise, you could be feeding her on anything so long as it is palatable to her. A good kitten owner cannot just feed his kitten on anything as long as the kitten is full.

If you do this, then you do not deserve to own that kitten. Your kitten will be the new member of your family, and therefore you have to do your best and treat her like family. You don’t want any member of your family to develop any health conditions; this applies to your cat as well.

Dry foods are however preferred due to the following reasons:

  • Dry food is portable and hence travel-friendly. If you want that food that will arrive home intact just as it was from the shop, then these are the ones. No spillage is normally encountered like in the case with wet food. When you lose some of the food meant for your little friend on the way home, you will not have only inconvenienced her but also wasted your money.
  • Chewing of the best dry kitten food brands help clean the kitten’s teeth while at the same time loosening up plaque. All these are geared towards ensuring that your feline friend grows to become that stronger and healthier cat that will be the talk of the town. How will it feel if her friends will be frequenting your place for these secrets to healthy living? Think about it. She will soon become the cat socialite/ video vixen that appears in the music videos of male cat “rappers” loaded with cash. Cat rappers like Lil Cat, Scoop Catt and Feline Legend will have music videos with your cat as the video vixen. She will be loaded with cash when she starts working with these stars.
  • Cats are one of the choosiest animals you will ever come across. They do not just eat because an opportunity has presented itself to eat. To avoid this in the future, it is recommended that you introduce your kitten to different flavors as early as possible. The dry food being among them. Otherwise you will have a hell of time always negotiating with her on what to eat. Can you imagine taking thirty minutes of your time trying to convince your “adolescent cat” to eat the dry food and she keeps telling you things like she is watching on her weight, and such crap not knowing that you know what is best and harmful for her? Peer pressure can be dangerous even in cats.

Factors to consider when buying the best dry kitten food brands

You have to be very careful when looking for the very best of these foods for the young cat. The market is currently flooded with many brands that have proclaimed themselves as the best. You will end up confused. At times you may leave with what you did not want.

To help simplify your search, here are some of the features you can always look for in a dry kitten food.

a. Quality

Dry Kitten Food Brands Cats are very good at keeping memories especially the negative ones

Factors to consider when buying the best dry kitten food brands – Quality

Kittens are more sensitive to amino acids and proteins. It, therefore, means that you must keenly take note of the ingredients of the dry food. You should not expose your little friend to allergies at this early stage.The basic diet you place your kitten into at this early stage of her life will play a very important role in her entire life. Whole food ingredients are the best when it comes to dry food for the cat. The minerals and vitamins should be there in plenty.

b. Quantity

Factors to consider when buying the best dry kitten food brands – Quantity

Kittens are generally active since they burn a lot of energy. This means that they require more food to replace the burnt energy than even the adult cats. Do not hesitate to feed your kitten as many times as possible in a day.

The best way to sustain such needs is by purchasing dry foods that are large in quantity. The kitten will, however, eat just a small amount of food at any given time. Do not give her excess meals that she will leave there uneaten.She will be turned off at the sight of too much food. Gauge the amount she takes at a time and provide just within that range. Not too much and not less. As she grows older, you can reduce the number of feeding times. As the body activities reduce, so is the energy requirements.

c. Price

Factors to consider when buying the best dry kitten food brands – Price

The best dry kitten food brands vary in prices. The variation might be based on the quality or quantity of the product. The former is so important and should not be compromised on when it comes to the cost.Do not hesitate to spend an extra coin on something that is of great quality, especially if you are buying it for your little kitten friend. It does not, however, mean that all the cheap brands are of low quality. There are currently cheaper brands that can perform even much better than the costly ones.

How to administer the best dry kitten food brands

Best Dry Kitten Food Brands Factors to consider when buying the best dry kitten food brands Quantity

How to administer the best dry kitten food brands

This is another important part that every kitten owner must know. You need to know how to administer the food to yield the perfect results you are dreaming of. If you don’t get it right then you might end up risking the life of your kitten instead of helping her. Your main objective is to raise her into a beautiful, healthy and happy cat. To realize that, here is how to go about the whole process:

  1. You need to first soften the dry food kibble through mixing with water or any available wet kitten food. This helps in making it easier to chew and at the same time ensuring that there is more moisture content in the kitten’s body to minimize urinary tract infection.
  2. If the kibbles are bigger in sizes, it is recommended that you break them down into smaller sizes. The jaws and teeth of these little creatures are not fully formed. No need to expose them to the struggle and torture of chewing. It will also help in eliminating digestive disturbances.
  3. You can choose to avail the dry food to the kitten as free-feed, meaning that it is made available all through the day or give it at least 4 times in a day. The problem with the former is that the kitten can overfeed herself and lead to complications such as being obese. It does not matter whether you are softening the dry food with water or mixing it with other wet food.
  4. If one brand is not working for you as you expect, you can switch to another brand. However, you should not mix the two as she can be put off by both foods. Simply decrease the portion of the older one while increasing the new one in similar proportion till it is done completely.

Always remember to provide your kitten with fresh and clean water throughout the day and night. It is important for her during this transition into solid food from nursing. This is also among the simplest ways to avoid health complications that are brought by dehydration.

Review of the best dry kitten food brands

Best Dry Kitten Food Brands You really would not wish to harm her with the hardest of meals

Review of the best dry kitten food brands

I have carefully selected some of the dry food that will be of help in your little feline friend’s journey to maturity. They are trusted brands that have been taken through feeding trials, and any veterinarian can attest to that. They are discussed below:

Produc​t NameQualityOur RatingPrice
 Petcurean 815260000796 Dry  Kitten Food BrandACheck Price
 BLUE Wilderness Dry Kitten  Food BrandACheck Price
 Purina Dry Kitten Food BrandA-Check Price
 Wellness Complete Dry Kitten  Food BrandA-Check Price
 Blue Buffalo Dry Kitten Food  BrandB+Check Price

1. Petcurean 815260000796 Dry Kitten Food Brand

Petcurean 815260000796 Dry Kitten Food Brand (Via:

Petcurean 815260000796 is balanced with the presence of high-quality Omega oils to help in the formation of a healthy coat, skin and has lots of proteins. To help provide the energy needs of the young cat, meat has been included in the recipe. She will be energetic, and even her neighbors will be so much afraid to mess around with her.

This Duck and Turkey recipe is a pure protein which is free from grain and chicken. Apart from the energy, this brand is also rich in pre and probiotics that are known to aid healthy digestion. Nothing is as annoying as those funny sounds from your kitten’s stomach.

The all-around food has taurine added to it. This important food component aids in vision and proper functioning of the heart. The heart is the nerve center of any living organism. Anything that compromises its operations at such early stages of the cat’s life must be avoided by all means.

Kittens are also known to be prone to infections; however, this product is rich in antioxidants for increased immunity. Subjecting the kitten to injections and treatments that could have been avoided every now and then is like a death sentence to her. She will be uncomfortable, and this can affect your friendship with her. This meal can be of great help.

Her eye and brain development have been catered for through the inclusion of EPA and DHA. A bright cat with a good vision is everybody’s aspiration. You will have a smart kitten when you feed her on this food.

Everybody loves smart things, and that is why “Steeve Cats,” the Steve Jobs of the cat world is trying to come up with a smartphone to be used by cats. Other important food components you will find are artificial preservatives and additional growth hormones. The product is bought in 4-pound bags.


  • Small and easy to eat
  • Less dry kitten skin
  • Smells nice
  • Proper digestion without stomach and fecal problems
  • High protein content
  • Hard enough to prevent breakage inside the bag


  • Eaten sparingly by some kittens
  • Dense consistency


2. BLUE Wilderness Dry Kitten Food Brand

BLUE Wilderness Dry Kitten Food Brand (Via:

BLUE Wilderness is a two-part food that has been made from high-quality natural ingredients to meet the conditions of the best dry kitten food brands. These ingredients have been blended with antioxidant, minerals and vitamins. These components are very essential for the optimal health of your kitten.

The minerals, vitamins plus other nutrients are processed at lower temperatures than that of the ingredients. This is to prevent degradation and at the same time preserve potency. We all need a type of food that can maintain its quality and flavor for longer periods. Not one that tastes like something else the next day. Such foodstuff will always turn the kitten off from even eating any other kind of food.

This little friend of yours will grow old with time. Replacements are therefore necessary, but only if her ability to reproduce is preserved. The BLUE Wilderness takes care of that in its processing, so there should be no cause for alarm.

It is well-balanced with proteins, carbohydrates and fats all found in a single meal. The fish meal, chicken meal and the de-boned chicken are the suppliers of proteins. They do it diligently and absolutely so well. How will you know? Wait till you see your little friend add some weight. The wait won’t be long though.

The potatoes and oatmeal, on the other hand, ensure that the kitten is well supplied with energy in the form of carbohydrates. The kitten is often playful and will always run after everything. She must, therefore, be energetic at any given time. What an embarrassment if your little feline friend faints while playing!

Carrots, blueberries and cranberries have also been crushed and processed together with the substances mentioned above to make this meal more complete. They are known for increased antioxidant levels.No artificial preservatives, grains, soy, wheat, glutens or poultry by-products are included in this product. You can always find it in bags of 11 pounds. That is a large quantity that can cater for her frequent need for food for a longer time.


  • High protein content
  • Proper digestion
  • Optimal energy provision
  • Shiny and less shedding coats with no hairballs
  • Odorless excretes


  • Not consistent in terms of color and size
  • The kitten needs a lot of stand-by water after the meal


3. Purina Dry Kitten Food Brand

Purina Dry Kitten Food Brand (Via:

Every bag of Purina Dry Kitten food is rich in proteins from natural ingredients such as salmon and real chicken. The high protein content has been made to simulate a kitten’s natural diet. The taste is delicious. Hey, it is meant for the kitten not you. Don’t even think of tasting how delicious it is. If you want to make your kitten angry with you, then try tasting her food.

No artificial preservatives and flavors have been added to the meal. Such are not essential to a cat’s life. The proteins will be burnt down to meet her energy demands efficiently. They are also important for the formation of strong muscles. The muscles are needed for defense when under attack from let’s say a stray cat while at the same time, she will need them to kill rats and other rodents. The live meals are also good for the cat as she grows.

Fatty acids like the Omega-6 are included in the food for purposes of ensuring that the kitten has a healthy and shiny coat. Let the coat resemble her age. You don’t want a situation where a kitten of 4 weeks has a coat that resembles that of a 6-year old cat. Have you ever heard of that idiomatic expression that claims that a cat has nine lives? Well, this food will make your kitten so healthy and give her the entire 9 lives in one package.The 13-pound bag that it is packed in is more than enough to feed her for long and as frequently as she demands. Remember to check on the feeding instructions on the bag for better results. The naturally blended fiber will ensure that the kitten does not develop hairballs.


  • No constipation
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Cheaper
  • Odorless feces and urine
  • No frequent ailments
  • Small-sized and hence easy to eat
  • Consistent
  • Smells nice
  • Reduced hairballs


  • Lots of additives
  • Your kitten might refuse to eat other food types


4. Wellness Complete Dry Kitten Food Brand

Wellness Complete Dry Kitten Food Brand (Via:

Wellness Complete Dry Kitten Food is made from delicious proteins that have been carefully blended with essential minerals and vitamins for her proper development. Unlike us humans who can take to the gym to keep fit, you can help your kitten keep fit by simply placing her on this diet. Her body metabolism will ensure she remains vital and fit throughout.

This is another one of the best dry kitten food brands that is complete and well-balanced to meet your kitten’s daily needs. The ingredients are all natural without any wheat, meat by-products, soy, corn or artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

All the five wellness signs of gum and teeth, energy, eyes, immunity, coat and skin as well as the digestive health have all been factored and taken care of in this meal. The proteins and fat content are responsible for the formation of strong muscles.

The muscles are strong to the point that if used to pounce on a prey, no escape will be thought of. This will go a long way in her survival. The fatty acids, on the other hand, are solely responsible for maintaining the skin and coat in the best-desired condition.

Antioxidants together with minerals and vitamins have been tasked with improving her immunity. Kittens can be prone to illness, and one of the best ways to avoid these diseases is by feeding her on meals containing the above three components.The tasteful nature of this product is loved by kittens and adult cats alike. Digestive and urinary tracts are under control when she fits into this diet. No smelly urine and feces, no pukes and constipation. It is sold in 13-pound bags. A good quantity to serve her needs for long.


  • Increased weight
  • Relatively easy to maintain litter box
  • No wastages
  • Healthy skin and shiny coats
  • More filling
  • Minimized hairballs
  • Good for weight loss
  • Improved immunity
  • Tasty


  • So much powdery
  • Less glossy packing bag


5. Blue Buffalo Dry Kitten Food Brand

Blue Buffalo Dry Kitten Food Brand (Via:

Blue Buffalo Dry Kitten Food is well formulated with naturally holistic food such as hearty whole grains like the oats, barley, and brown rice. These grains are rich in carbohydrates that are well known for efficient energy production. The playful little friend will have nothing to worry about when going about her activities.

Your kitten’s health is properly maintained by the phytonutrients found in carrots, cranberries, parsley and sweet potatoes, all which have been processed to form part of this meal. The included vegetables and fruits all play a vital role in ensuring that the kitten is immune to a wide variety of ailments.

To make it delicious and highly rich in proteins for proper body development, deboned chicken forms part of the meal. Being highly digestible, most of the nutrients will remain in the kitten’s body. The feces and the urine will be pure waste. Such pure waste feces and urine should not have that awful smell, don’t you think so? Anyway, you don’t have to think so much about it. This brand of dry kitten food is available in 7-pound bags. No poultry by-products are included in the meal. This makes sure that your kitten takes something that is only beneficial to her and not something that will complicate her life.


  • No throw ups
  • Healthier coat
  • Increased body weight
  • No sensitive stomach
  • Improved immunity
  • Firm stools
  • Small-sized which is easy to eat
  • The releasable bag keeps the food fresh without any need of re-bagging


  • Unpleasant breath after the meal
  • Might cause vomiting, diarrhea and urinary problems at times.



The Best Dry Kitten Food Brands Conclusion

There you have it regarding the best dry kitten food brands. The Purina Dry Kitten Food is the crème de la crème of these food brands after considering a lot of things it has to offer your kitten. It is rich in all the 25 essential minerals and vitamins ensuring that the health of the kitten is well-maintained right from this initial stage. Its affordability has not in any way compromised its quality.

Additionally, it is available in 13-pound bags. This is a relatively large quantity that meets her frequent need for food. It is delicious and in most cases irresistible to kittens. Make your kitten stand out amongst her peers by feeding her on this meal.I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Have you learned something new? Do you have any comments or questions? Do not fear to leave your comments in the comment section below and our team will get back to you within the shortest time possible.


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