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Can Cats Eat Ham? Everything You Need To Know

www.catsdom.com - Can Cats Eat Ham Everything You Need To Know

Foods like ham and bacon which are processed meat are usually the best among humans. Although they are not always considered to be particularly healthy, we still love them and can’t resist them for their taste. Since your cat is a carnivore, you may find it a good idea to feed your cat on ham. But really, can cats eat ham?

The question “Can cats eat ham?”  is a really interesting one. Let’s find out if it is safe to let your cat have some of that tasty ham that you are enjoying. But first of all, we need to know one or two things about ham.

Have you ever found yourself wondering how ham is made? It was a rhetorical question by the way; you don’t need to provide an answer. Don’t overwork your brain by thinking too much, let us combine our brains and think together.

How is Ham made?

www.catsdom.com - Can Cats Eat Ham Everything You Need To Know - How is Ham made

How is Ham made?

Ham is usually a delicious taste that is made from pork. It is found in several varieties across the world. It is also very popular because it goes with many vegetables. This is why ham is usually a regular part of the holiday menu. But can cats eat ham?  The same way you may want to satisfy your taste buds by eating ham is the same way your feline friend may also need to do the same.

When making ham, the pork is usually preserved through several methods that include smoking, wet curing and salting. Since during the holiday it is always about having a nice time and sharing what you have, it’s normal to wonder if you could share your food with your cat. You might, therefore, ask yourself, “Can cats eat ham?”

Your feline friend is a carnivore; I am assuming you already know this. Ham can provide your cat with the nutrients that obligate carnivores usually crave for. Awesome, right? You are therefore planning to rush to town to buy your pussycat a few pounds of ham for his consumption. You probably want your cat to consider you as his hero by giving him the best treat of his life.

For people like me, I normally treat my cat better as a way of offering him an early “bribe” so that he can mobilize his comrades to one day protect me when they take over the world. Such a clever idea. Right? Perhaps you now consider me as that person who plans ahead, and you now envy me. Well, it is not too late to start “bribing” your cat too in preparation for the future.

So can cats eat ham?

www.catsdom.com - Can Cats Eat Ham Everything You Need To Know - So can cats eat ham

So can cats eat ham?

Yes, I just told you that you can allow your cat to have some of that ham. However, there is always a “but” when it comes to foods. This is because there is no food that is entirely perfect. Feeding your cat on ham is therefore only safe when you do it moderately and on rare occasions. Since you are a responsible cat owner, you should live by the saying that too much of everything is bad.

If your cat wants to bully you into feeding him on ham every day, tell him to look for money and buy his own ham. Warn him not to steal as he looks for money. He may reason that stealing is also a way of getting money, but tell him that he must use the right channel to get the money.

Most cats are normally lazy when it comes to looking for money, so he will most likely have to obey your feeding rules.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Ham for Your Cat?

www.catsdom.com - Can Cats Eat Ham Everything You Need To Know - What Are the Benefits of Eating Ham for Your Cat

What Are the Benefits of Eating Ham for Your Cat?

Ham is just so super delicious. Apart from satisfying your cat’s taste buds, the ham will offer a number of nutritional benefits to your cat. Below is a list of all the benefits that you need to know about ham.

Ham is a great source of protein. Since ham is derived from pork, which is animal meat, it is a great source of protein. Hams also contains Taurine that helps with the proper working of the heart and the digestive system.

One of your cat’s favorite nutrients that ham provides is Thiamin. Your cat will also benefit from the high levels of riboflavin. Riboflavin is very important since it promotes the production of energy. It will thus make your pussycat to be a very active feline, and not just be idling around on your couch. Riboflavin also serves as an important antioxidant.

It does not stop there. Ham is also a rich source of vitamins. It is a rich source of vitamin B6 which is very important in a cat’s body. Ham also contains potassium which is very important as it prevents kidney failure. Another important mineral that is found in ham is zinc. Zinc helps to promote healthy fur.

Feed your cat on ham, and you may observe an increase in happiness and routine exercises. Your cat may soon start visiting the “cat’s gym” in the neighborhood more often. Even his walking style may change because of the muscles he will have built when exercising.

When you notice your cat showing his “6 pack” stomach muscles when walking around to attract female cats, don’t be surprised. Just warn him though to choose one “lady” and be faithful.

Is Too Much Ham Toxic to Your Cat?

www.catsdom.com - Can Cats Eat Ham Everything You Need To Know - Is Too Much Ham Toxic to Your Cat

Is Too Much Ham Toxic to Your Cat?

There exists no perfect food. That is why doctors usually advise us on eating certain foods in moderation. The same applies to cats. There are different types of hams that come under different quality statuses. This is why it is always safe to say that not all the ham out there is healthy.

What makes too much ham to be toxic to cats is because of the sodium content. This is because the most common method of processing ham, which is curing involves the use of salt. One slice of ham thus contains a lot of sodium than the recommended level for cats.

Feeding your cat too much ham will, therefore, mean that he will be ingesting too much salt, more than his body can assimilate in a day. This can thus lead to sodium poisoning. If your cat realizes that you are sodium poisoning him, he may consider you as a bad owner and turn against you.

This will be the lowest point in your relationship with your cat. No one ever wishes for such a thing to happen. The only way to avoid such a situation is by feeding your cat on ham moderately. Here are some of the reasons why too much ham is not healthy for your cat.

  • Too much ham can cause your cat to develop hypernatremia. This is a condition in which your cat will suffer from cardiovascular disorders and high blood pressure. However, this problem does not always occur overnight. It is, therefore, something that you can watch out for.
  • Eating too much ham can also lead to your cat developing diarrhea. It can also lead to dehydration on your cat. This is due to the too much salt that your cat would have ingested by eating too much ham. If you notice your cat regularly running to the toilet, too much ham could be the culprit.
  • Feeding your cat low-quality ham can also result in vomiting. This is because since your cat is a finicky eater, if we give them a lot of meat that they do not deserve, they will still go ahead to eat it. This will result in tummy problems that will result in vomiting.

How to Safely Feed Your Cat Ham

www.catsdom.com - Can Cats Eat Ham Everything You Need To Know - How to Safely Feed Your Cat Ham

How to Safely Feed Your Cat Ham

So as I have answered your question “Can cats eat ham?” I would like to advise you that ham should only be fed to cats as something light, like a snack. Therefore, the question that you should be asking yourself is, “how can you prepare ham so that it is safe for your cat?”

The first thing that you should do is to ensure that you feed your cat ham in small amounts. Apart from that, you should only feed your pussycat on cooked ham. This is because raw ham can put your cat at risk of being food poisoned.

Who would ever like such a thing to happen to their cat? Even your cat’s friends may start talking in low tones about you in a negative manner the moment they see you passing. You wouldn’t want to be the topic of discussion in the cat’s world. You may be surprised to find that you are on the front pages of their newspapers with the headline, “The Killer Cat Owner.”

Lastly, when feeding your cat on ham, ensure that you always have some water prepared for your cat. This is because after eating ham, your cat will definitely get thirsty. Since ham contains a lot of sodium, after your cat eats it, you can get one step ahead by having a bowl of water ready for your cat.

Cats and Ham: Bottom Line

Can cats eat ham? Well, the answer is yes. Although ham is not the healthiest choice of meat that you can give your furry friend, your cat can still have ham. You should also keep in mind that too much ham is not good for your cat’s health.

There you have it on whether it is safe or not to feed your cat on ham. So the next time someone asks you, “Can cats eat ham?” Look them straight in the eye with a smile and say a big yes. If you have any comment on whether cats can eat hams, let us know in the comment section below. Now go and rock your cat’s world, give him a special treat right away if you have never fed him on ham before.

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