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The Best Cat Brush For Shedding [2024]


As your best friend, you must take good care of your cat. Otherwise, there will be no need for you keeping her. This article on the best cat brush for shedding will go a long way in maintaining this friendship between the two of you.

One of the challenging times for your cat is when she is shedding away the body hair. It is a good practice for cats but only to some extents.

To reduce the shedding, it is recommended that you regularly groom your cat using the best cat brush for shedding.

How to prevent shedding Correct and regular grooming is very important
Produc​t NameQuality
 Safari Cat Shedding CombA
 TWOBIU Cat De-shedding  BrushA
 Hartz Slicker Cat BrushA-
 CELEMOON Cat brush for  SheddingA-
 DakPets FurBlaster Cat BrushB+

Why your cat needs regular brushing?

Why your cat needs regular brushing?

Short, medium and long-haired cats alike need regular brushing.

It is a grooming experience that not only gives your cat a nice-looking appearance but also has some advantages. It also stimulates some essential oils that keep the cat’s coat healthy and shiny. Your cat also needs to be properly groomed at all times. This is like trimming the beards and keeping a man’s hair short.

The regular cat brushing process is also meant to remove the dead hair which reduces the likelihood of matting and hairballs. The hairballs are as a result of the cat ingesting its own hair when self-grooming. Ingestion of hair can lead to worm infestation. Even if your cat will be self-grooming herself, you still need to add your input by brushing her so that you can combine your efforts. This is because efforts from different directions when put together are more effective.

It is always good to help your cat avoid ingesting his own hair. Treatment will not be as cheaper as the prevention techniques that could have been put to use. When all these dead hairs are removed, there is likely to be an improvement in air circulation which in turn cools the body temperature.Your cat’s health will have improved tremendously, and you will start seeing him relaxing around showing his muscles around by wearing those muscle shirts or vests. He will start hitting the gym as well while always seeking attention from the female cats around.

How to pick the best cat brush for shedding​​​​​?

How to pick best cat brush for shedding
How to pick best cat brush for shedding

How to pick the best cat brush for shedding​​​​​?

Just like we invest in the best make-ups to look good, the cat’s grooming materials should also be among the best in the market. The brush you choose should help minimize fur tangling and eventual loss. Anything sub-standard will be disastrous to your best friend.

Your cat will also develop a bad attitude towards you the moment he realizes that you are using a substandard brush on him when he is shedding. He might even inform his comrades about it, and all the cats around the neighborhood may just know how “bad of a master you are.” If your cat is a drunkard, then everyone will know about you because he will shout about how you treat him after taking a bottle or two.

The brushes are designed to perform in different environments optimally. What has worked for your neighbor’s cat is not 100% guaranteed that it will work for your cat as well. So, you need to make your preferred selection based on the following features carefully.

a. Type of cat coat

Best cat brush for shedding Type of Cat Hair
Best cat brush for shedding Type of Cat Hair

The cat’s hair has three layers. They are the undercoat which is the closest to her skin. The awn hairs which are thicker and longer strands which form most of her coat and finally the guard hairs which are meant to protect the undercoats. The guard hairs are the longest and only seen when the cat is frightened of defending himself.

The hair length varies from one cat to another. Some are bald, not as humans though, while others are very hairy. The bald cats only grow some undercoat, and they are not brushed. All you need is wash them using shampoo as frequent as possible.

The length of the teeth of the brush is directly proportional to the length of the hair. Brush with shorter teeth will work effectively on short and medium-haired cats. The long-haired ones require longer teeth. Using a brush with shorter teeth will not give the best results for instance.You have to know the kind of hair your cat has and make the right choice on the best cat brush for shedding. The hair length is also important when it comes to the grooming routine. Do a daily grooming on the medium and long-haired cats while on the short-haired ones, once a week will be okay.

b. Type of brush

Best cat brush for shedding Type
Best cat brush for shedding Type

There are different types of brushes designed to meet specific needs. They are made from different materials, some being plastic while others are stainless-steel. If you want a brush that will give you the best results during the many seasons to come, then the stainless-steel ones should be your number one priority.

There are also combs that perform just like the brushes. You can make your choice based on your preference. Slicker brushes are good for any kind of fur, but their most preferred usage is on the heavy shedders.

The bristle types of brushes are good for the short-haired cats. They can, however, be used to bring a smooth finish on the long-haired cats as well. They work by ensuring that the cat’s natural oil is well distributed throughout the body thereby giving a nice shine and coat.

The rubber brushes are the more comfortable compared to the metal types. They double up as massage tools. Other common types of the brush are the double-sided ones. They are basically ideal for both the short and long furs.

One side is for removing the tangles while the other side is for smoothing the fur for a neat and healthy result. I prefer this type of best cat brush for shedding. My cat loves it when I use this type of brush on him. In fact, he encouraged me to buy more of the plastic brushes the other day when we went to the supermarket.

c. Weather pattern

However much shedding is a daily activity for cats, there are times of the year that it becomes more than other times. The other contributing factors to this are the amount of sunlight exposure in a day and the season. For the cat to develop a thicker coat in preparation for winter, for example, he must first lose some fur. The thicker coat is meant to provide warmth.

Best Cat Brush For Shedding Wrapping up

Cats develop a thicker coat in preparation for winter

The same case happens when summer is approaching. The cat will lose some hair to produce some cooling effect in the hot summer. Understanding these patterns will help you know the exact points when you must arm yourself with the best cat brush for shedding.There are times when your home conditions might interfere with such patterns. This is based on the presence of sunlight and air-conditioning. In such circumstances, the shedding will be an all year round activity. It will not be as heavy as the seasonal shedding though. This will force you to buy a more durable brush that will sustain this kind of shedding.

d. Quality

Consider the quality of the brush over its price. Quality is a very integral part of best cat brush for shedding. In most cases, you will always notice that the price increases with increase in quality but that is not the general case. There are at times you will come across a high-quality product at a much lesser price.

Long and medium-haired cats that require daily grooming require a brush that will last longerLong and medium-haired cats that require daily grooming require a brush that will last longer. Such are made of stainless-steel. They are sturdy and more long-lasting as compared to the rubber types. Brushes with replaceable edges are another good quality to consider. You will only replace the edge and not the entire brush in case the brittle is broken or deformed.

How to prevent shedding

Shedding of fur in cats is a natural process. But there are at times that it can be extreme making the cat to lose a lot of hair. Some practices can be used to prevent this excessive loss of fur. Feeding your cat on a proper diet is the most natural way to prevent shedding. Foods with high Omega-6 and Omega-3 contents are good at softening the skin, therefore, improving the quality of your cat’s fur.Back to our main topic, if the shedding is persistent, you can see a veterinarian or a professional groomer. They can advise you accordingly as shedding can also be associated with some cat ailments. This should happen as soon as you realize that there are no changes after exhausting all the available preventive measures.

How to prevent shedding Correct and regular grooming is very important

Correct and regular grooming is very important

Correct and regular grooming is also another very important practice to consider. Regularly bathing the cat will remove excess oils and loose fur giving your cat that appealing look. After the bath, ensure that the cat has been hygienically wiped.

Do this regularly if your cat is the kind that likes playing in the water. Brushing the cat, of course with the best cat brush for shedding, regularly will also help. Do this, and you will be the envy of all cats in your neighborhood.

You may be surprised if all the other cats want to spend all their time in your house so that you treat them as you specially treat yours. Most cat thieves normally use this technique to lure the neighbor’s cats and steal them. Do not try using this technique to steal a cat though; cat thieves normally end up living a miserable life. Would you want to live a miserable life?

Review of the best cat brush for shedding

Review of the best cat brush for shedding

Remember this is a cat you are dealing with. And not just any other cat, your cat. The best friend you have at home. Everything you plan to do for him must be the best with the perfection required.

Otherwise, his neighbors will be all around teasing him. This is an embarrassing situation that if the cat finds himself in, then he should file a case in a court for negligence. You can guess what will happen to you as the owner is this happens. You might pay such a very heavy fine.To help you avoid the embarrassment, both for you and your cat, we have outlined below some of the best cat brush for shedding that will be of much help to you.

Produc​t NameQualityOur RatingPrice
 Safari Cat Shedding CombACheck Price
 TWOBIU Cat De-shedding  BrushACheck Price
 Hartz Slicker Cat BrushA-Check Price
 CELEMOON Cat brush for  SheddingA-Check Price
 DakPets FurBlaster Cat BrushB+Check Price

1. Safari Cat Shedding Comb

Safari Cat Shedding Comb (Via:

The Safari Cat comb has a wooden handle to offer firm grip and comfort. Cats are very funny creatures. If you happen to lose grip and the comb falls, he will be scared, and that will be the end of the activity. The handle is a life-saver in such awkward moments.

The long-haired cats, you might actually think have formed a protective thicket around their bodies, and the shorthaired ones alike are well taken care of by this brush. You do not want to inflict any form of injury on your cat. Otherwise, your friend will hate you for the rest of your life.

To avoid the injuries, the rounded teeth of this comb are smoothly made. They are however long enough to make deep penetrations into the fur before lifting all the loose hair. The shorter teeth will collect the released hair on the upper layers thereby leaving a desirably clean and soft coat.

Make the cat feel comfortable and perform the combing on every body part. A lot of concentration should be on the tail base, ears and under the abdomen and legs. These are the most stubborn parts as they easily mat.

Make this grooming a routine for better results. Once a week will ensure that your cat looks great and his neighbors will all be jamming your house to witness the beauty. You will have trouble controlling the constant visits by female socialite cats who would like to hang with your celebrity male cat in your house.There is no magic involved; you just need to have the right comb like this one here. This brush measures 1 by 2.5 by 11.2 inches and has a weight of 0.6 ounces.


  • Lightweight
  • Firm grip
  • Affordable
  • Strong teeth
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile tool


  • The teeth are so tightly close to each other
  • Sharp teeth might cause injury if not used carefully


2. TWOBIU Cat De-shedding Brush

TWOBIU Cat De-shedding Brush (Via:

Frequent shedding of hair by cats is quite annoying at times. The hair finds itself all over the place, on food, on the furniture and even on your pants. You step out of the house for an important board meeting only to realize that your pants are full of cat hair. Worry no more, the TWOBIU de-shedding brush will take good care of this mess.

Everybody would like to own a long-lasting stuff. It does not make sense if you are in the market each and every day looking for the same product. This brush has met all the quality standards at manufacturing and is therefore durable.

The brush comes in two different blade sizes. Interchanging and replacement of the blades is the simplest thing you will come across your entire life. Just click the button, and you will be done. The two blade sizes are for the shedding of either kittens or adult cats. It is like buying two brushes at a price of one. Probably the best deal of the century.

The brush is self-cleaning. Just pressing on the air ejector removes every hair on it. Technological advancements are now geared towards the cats. Soon we will be having automatic brushes. The blades are protected by a cover for purposes of safety. The cat being the playful type might run onto this tool and might get injured.

The handle is sturdy and durable besides the comfort that the anti-slip grip offers. The brush is multi-purpose and will help you save a lot by using it on other pets such as dogs instead of buying new tools for them. If your cat and dog get along well, you can brush them all at the same time and place. This will help in cementing their relationship. You will have one big happy family.What’s more, the 0.35-pound brush has its handle made of rubber. It weighs 5.6 ounces with an orange/black color. This makes it very simple and easy to use while grooming your cat.


  • Faster operations
  • Multi-purpose
  • Comfortable tool
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • The hair ejector button is not perfect. Hand cleaning should supplement


3. Hartz Slicker Cat Brush

Hartz Slicker Cat Brush (Via:

The Hartz Slicker is a brush that has been designed to control shedding of hair on your cat with a lot of comfort. Your cat will feel as if he is in a massage parlor and he will keep craving for that feeling all the time. Its small size makes it a perfect tool for cats and even small-sized dogs. The brush clears everything to do with undercoat and loose hair to minimize on shedding.

This leaves your cat with a healthy, tangle-free and shiny coat. The nice-looking coat alone will make your friend win a beauty contest. In the cats’ world, even male cats nowadays take part in beauty contests. Do not be so surprised. He will be the “Mr. World” without a doubt. The nylon from which the bristles are made is known to last longer.

Both you and the cat must be comfortable during the entire period of combing. This is what the manufacturer had in mind when the handle was being ergonomically designed. The grip the handle offers is immeasurable. This is the perfect tool to use when grooming your cat.

The head has been intentionally made smaller for improved efficiency. Smaller heads are easy to control and use. This product has a weight of 2.9 ounces with dimensions of 3.2 by 1.6 by 9 inches. This makes it very comfortable to use all the time.

Hartz Slicker Cat Brush Pros

  • Safe tool
  • Efficient results
  • Comfortable to both the operator and the cat
  • Easy to use
  • Works well on shorthaired cats
  • Good grip

Hartz Slicker Cat Brush Cons

  • Getting the fur from the bottom is a bit problematic


4. CELEMOON Cat brush for Shedding

CELEMOON Cat brush for Shedding (Via:

Your search for the brush will be over when you come across the CELEMOON cat brush. The brush is made of a high-quality silicone material. This makes the brushing experience enjoyable, and the cat will be all over the place physically begging for more.

The brush is safe, soft, durable and comfortable. These are actually what a desirable cat brush should have. The tool is fast and will help you get out most of the shedding hair before they become disastrous and uncomfortable.

Cleanliness of tools to be used on your pet is very much important. It is for this reason that the CELEMOON brush has been made in such a way that it is easy to wash. Just rinse it with water after every use. All the hair even the tiniest ones will be gone.

The handle is well fitting into the fingers and hand, therefore, avoiding slipping when in use. Accidental slipping can lead to injuries to your cat. You do not want to see your cat get hospitalized due to such avoidable reasons.

Be sure to read the guidelines that are attached to this product. I know the anxiety that is always associated with the acquisition of new tools. But be calm and remember to add some water to your brush’s surface. More hair will be attracted magically like you have just brought a magnet with you.

In case of any default, contact the customer care for replacement or full refund.  The brush has a size of 4 by 2.5 by 0.6 inches which will not occupy most of your space. It weighs 0.8 ounces and is purple; a color loved by most cats. He will like it, and anytime he sees it, he will have already known what is to be done.


  • Wetting prevents flying of fur
  • Easier grabbing and removal of fur
  • Comfortable handle
  • Easy cleaning
  • Doubles up as good massage tool
  • Good quality brush


  • Some cats are not comfortable with it
  • A bit loose design


5. DakPets FurBlaster Cat Brush

DakPets FurBlaster Cat Brush (Via:

The DakPets FurBlaster brush is an essential tool that allows you reduce shedding on your cat up to 95%. The end result is a shiny and healthier coat without any damages. In just below 15 minutes, your cat will have a whole new appearance.

No skin allergy is associated with this product. It has undergone all tests on both kittens and adult cats and no such cases have been reported.  The handle is soft and strong for comfort, firm grip and durability that will enable you to use the brush season after season.

The stainless blade is replaceable. The cover adds to the safety of this brush. Injuries should be avoided at all costs. Even kids are very notorious when it comes to playing with such kind of tools. This stand-alone brush removes all knots and mats. A very versatile one you will come across.

The presence of fur all over the house as if you are the one staying in a cat’s litter will be a thing of the past. It is rust-free. Keep the brushing as regular as possible, and the bond between you and your feline friend will be taken to another level. Who really would like a friendship boundary between them? Do not be the first one.

The customer service is one amazing department. They are always ready to answer your questions. They guarantee full refund or replacement if you report default within 60 days. The brush weighs 91 grams and has dimensions of 14.2 by 10.2 by 14.2 centimeters. It is therefore easy to store. Storage space can be a problem but not with this brush.It is blue in color. If this is your best friend’s most fancied color, then do not think twice about getting this home for him.

DakPets FurBlaster Pros

  • House cleanliness is maintained
  • Deep penetration up to the undercoat
  • Handle provides comfortable grip
  • Lightweight making it easy to use
  • Cats enjoy the brushing
  • Versatile tool that can be used on dogs as well

DakPets FurBlaster Cons

  • Small in size
  • The teeth do not collect fur, therefore, scattering them on the floor


Best Cat Brush For Shedding Wrapping up

Excessive loss of hair by your feline friend is quite a nuisance at home if not properly minimized. Not only is it disastrous to the cat, but it can also a problem to you. You will have to do the regular cleaning to get rid of the fur which is quite time-consuming. It is the cat that is living in your house and not you living in your cat’s litter box. So you should find a way of eliminating excess cat hair in your house by using these brushes.

The TWOBIU De-shedding Brush is the best cat brush for shedding. The brush has desirable features such as the ease of cleaning and the replaceable blade that helps you save a lot by simply buying a new blade instead of purchasing a whole new brush.

The brush has a handle that gives you a comfortable grip. It is also versatile and can be used for other pets such as dogs. This brush is also lightweight and will allow for operations without fatigue. The appealing look and the lifetime warranty that backs it makes it the best.

This is what I use on my cat, and he likes it. Whenever he sees me holding it, he comes running. I hope your cat will enjoy the experience just like mine.

Which brush are you using at the moment?


I am a Female 3 year Bengal Crossbreed from London, UK