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Best Cat Trees for Multiple Large Cats [2024]


Trees have become so much a necessity for the modern cat more than you can imagine. Cats, just like human beings do relax at times. The best cat trees for multiple large cats are what you need at home. By the way, these are not the normal trees you are used to.

These are artificial trees that can fit in the house for the sole purpose of keeping your feline friends relaxed. And because I am sure that you always feed your cats well, the trees have to be sturdy and stable at the base. Why do I say so? The cats should be held safe without endangering their lives.In this technological era, there are lots of these products both in the online and offline markets. This makes it even complicated to find what will actually meet your needs. But I must say that you’re the luckiest person as you have just found yourself in the right place.

Produc​t NameQualityOur RatingPrice
 Shanghai Cat TreeACheck Price
 Ollieroo Cat TreeACheck Price
 SONGMICS UPCT16H Cat TreeA-Check Price
 Go Pet Club Cat TreeA-Check Price
Armarkat Cat TreeB+Check Price
Cat Trees Multiple Large Cats

Benefits of the best cat trees for multiple large cats

Why you need to gift a cat lover this Christmas

The human life is generally based on the horizontal. Cats, on the other hand, use both vertical and horizontal aspects that the environment provides for their well-being. Research has it that their safety, fun and comfort are mostly as a result of the vertical aspect.

The best cat trees for multiple large cats are the greatest way to provide vertical options for your friends at home. They are not meant to provide some form of luxury; they are actually a necessity that must be availed at home as part of your cats’ lives.

You probably would not wish to turn your household into a battleground between you and your cats. I mean, how long will you keep chasing your cats from your furniture meant for your visitors? Make your house a happy place for the both of you.Here are the benefits your cats can enjoy when provided with cat trees:

Increased territory

Sharing of close space among a large number of cats is made possible by these cat trees. This closeness is made possible through maintenance of the pecking order but this time round in a vertical way. Cats that tend to be angry at the presence of others are left with enough space on their own.Your cats are likely to live in harmony when you have these products at home. The highest perch is claimed by the highest status in that order till the last ones. Avoid the physical confrontations and the tense stand-offs between the cats.

Great asset for timid cats

Do you have a timid cat at home? Yes, cats can be timid at times, don’t be surprised. Such cats require open places where they can stay and feel more secure. Having positioned herself at probably one of the highest points in the house, she is likely to have a clear view of approaching danger. With this assured security, no ambush can be mounted on the cat from behind.A clearer view of the environment is what the cat needs. Instead of the cat having to run and hide from the visitors, simply place a cat tree in the house to provide the elevated and hidden environment. This is the perfect way to entice the cat to stay indoors.

A good way to have cats exercise

Exercise is a very healthy thing to any living thing. Cats too need to keep themselves fit. Which cat would want to experience a muscle pull in the midst of chasing a delicious meal in the form of a rat? The up and down jumps that the cat makes on the tree is a perfect way to train.If the cats can maintain this to a daily routine, believe me, the cat will be the sharpest hunter you will ever come across. A healthy cat is a happy one.

Help keep your furniture intact

Having your cats jump on your home furniture now and then can make the furniture weak; especially these well-fed cats of yours. The best cat trees for multiple large cats will surely provide an alternative avenue for your cats.You will no longer have to replace your sofas more often. This will save you some money on repair or money which could have been used to purchase new furniture.

Prevents boredom

Having the tree next to the window is a perfect way to relieve the cat of stress and boredom. The tasty smells from the kitchen together with the visual entertainment takes all the stress away. At times you can find the cat enjoying the comfort of the sun right from the window.

Positioning cat trees

The next thing after purchasing the best cat trees for multiple large cats is to have them properly placed in the house. Nobody wants to buy such a precious asset while it ends up being underutilized. Cats being so picky will not use it in any other position in the house.

Placing it by the window is the best way to have your feline friends like it. From here, the cat has the freedom to watch all the outdoor activities from within the house. There is absolutely no need to have the cats walk all the way out of the house just to have a look at what is happening.

You may not like the look of the tree because they are not that good-looking. You may, therefore, decide to place it in an unused bedroom. Take it from me that it will only gather dust there as both the cat and you stare at it. An appealing spot for the cat is very necessary if you need the tree to be properly put into use.

Features to consider before buying the best cat trees for multiple large cats

Best Cat Trees Multiple Large Cats 1

Your feline friends deserve the best and only that. Remember it is just a small space that they need to call home. But how do you get to know the very best of these products? Here is a look at the features you can always look out for before making an order.

  • Perches – multiple perches are necessary when it comes to cat trees. This makes it possible for each of the cats to have their own homes. This is the best way to have the cats enjoy the comfort of the trees freely without any form of interference from other cats.
  • Size – cats are available in different sizes. Remember we are looking for products for the large ones. If you do not consider the size of the tree, then you might end up getting the wrong product home.
  • Hanging toys – your cat has had a long day disturbing the dog or even staring at all the stuff happening outside. All she needs now is having some comfortable play. The cat trees that have toys hanged on them will help the cat when it comes to this.
  • Scratch post – there are many reasons as to why cats need to scratch their bodies. And there is absolutely no reason to buy a scratching post when you can find a cat tree that has been designed to offer the said services as well. If you come across such a tree, don’t even think of leaving it.
  • Color – Do you want to match the color of your furniture with the tree? Is there a color that your cats like? This is also another feature that you need to consider. Cats are very picky and do not assume that any color of the tree you buy for them will be their favorite. You will end up so disappointed.
  • Tires – the cats enjoy some freedom if they are in the topmost position. Cat trees that can make them appear to be way above everything else are very important. Having one or two tiers on a cat tree is very much okay just like double cat perches with the ability to stay high or low.

Review of the best cat trees for multiple large cats

Having decided that it’s the very best that you need for your cats, it is, therefore, important to look at the best products that can be found in this category. These products can be used as a bedroom, playroom and nap room for your cats which are basically what you need.Some sort of independence is all your cats have been missing all along. Any of the 5 products below will be of great help on this journey. Here they are:

Produc​t NameQualityOur RatingPrice
 Shanghai Cat TreeACheck Price
 Ollieroo Cat TreeACheck Price
 SONGMICS UPCT16H Cat TreeA-Check Price
 Go Pet Club Cat TreeA-Check Price
Armarkat Cat TreeB+Check Price

1. Shanghai Cat Tree

Shanghai Cat Tree (Via:

Provide your cats with somewhere to call home by gifting them with the Shanghai Cat tree from Kitty Mansions. It is made from non-toxic materials. By the way, your cat’s health is of much importance than anything else. This should remind you that the materials used to make the tree should pose no harm to its inhabitants.

There is absolutely no reason to keep buying the same product over and over. Even if you are the richest person on this planet, you cannot be that spending on the same product over and over again. It is for this reason that this product has its construction done using high-quality materials to ensure it lasts longer.

If it is weakly done, then be sure that these large and heavily built cats will break the tree within hours; leave alone days. Another important property that it has been built with is the scratching posts. This is the ideal way to keep the cat away from the possibility of destroying your furniture.

I do not expect to find broken furniture in the house because of cats. Do you expect me to buy that line of thought when I finally come to visit you? I won’t because this is an important basic need for cats that you can consider having at home.

It’s a great asset for multiple cats or even a single cat as you wait for new arrivals which I am pretty sure will come soon. Your world, just like mine, is all about cats. I keep adding them to the already existing ones at home.

Its dimensions of 71 by 24 by 24 inches in height, width and depth respectively are a good one for large cats. If you doubt this, then let me give you a breakdown of its details bit by bit. The condo depth is 12 inches in the interior. This is measured from the front to back.

The condo width is also measured from side to side and has been set at 12 inches, and a condo height of 10 inches from top to bottom is another property that many large cats will find so comfortable.The scratching post has a diameter of 3.2 inches. This is also another important bit of this tree. A weaker and narrower one will easily break. The tunnel has a diameter of 8 inches plus an overall weight of 50 pounds hence making it a good consideration for the best cat trees for multiple large cats.


  • Can be easily assemble
  • Faster delivery
  • Beautifully designed
  • Very sturdy
  • Largely built


  • Some sections are small in size


2. Ollieroo Cat Tree

Ollieroo Cat Tree (Via:

The Ollieroo cat tree is another product that brings all the fun close to your feline friend. Its multiple levels provide a good environment for the many cats you have at home. The playground features cubby holes, a dangling rope, a hammock for purposes of relaxation and a look-out perch that gives a clear view of whatever is happening in the environs.

Cats love soft and comfortable places. That is why you will find them spending most of their time on the sofas. You cannot enjoy such comfort while your best friend is just there keeping an eye. It is important that the cats also enjoy the same comfort but this time on different stuff.

The perch and condo of this tree are wrapped in plush fabric that is soft. Your cats will really love the comfort that comes with this feature. And to make it cool, they will be enjoying the comfort in an environment that is free from human disturbance. I can confidently assure you that your cat will rarely find herself playing outside the house because of this beautiful beige tree.

It comes with a scratching post that the cat can use to remove the dead layers on the outer side of the claws. This is the surest way to keep the claws sharp and clean. Your cat being the smartest in the neighborhood will surely like it. If you want her to win the next modeling competition, then this tree will make her realize that dream.

The scratching action is also a perfect way to have the cat exercise by stretching. It is good for her to keep fit. Its dimensions of 60 inches in height, 25 inches in length and 20 inches in width are ideal for your multiple large cats.The natural sisal rope that has been used to make the tree is strong and long-lasting. It comes with tools and instructions for easy and quick assembling. You do not have to spend a whole day setting this product up.


  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality product
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Takes less space
  • Cute
  • Helps in keeping the cat clean at all times


  • Less sturdy
  • The parts are similar and not labeled which is a bit confusing during set up




The SONGMICS Cat Tree has a strong base that ensures your large feline friends are kept comfortable. The base is batten-strengthened and an anti-toppling strap designed to be part of it for purposes of preventing wobbling.

Injuries to both you and the cat should never happen at the house; especially injuries that might be brought by the tree. This is why the tree is built with round corners to help protect you and the cat simultaneously. The tree has a spacious condo which makes napping a comfortable thing for your large cats.

The tree is designed with a lounging tunnel which is very soft together with plush perches for a greater view of the entire house. Additionally, the raised edges on the top perch provide high levels of protection. Its multi-level design ensures the cats enjoy free jumps around the tower.

The posts plus the scratching pad is covered with sisal. This provides the perfect environment that the cats need away from the furniture. The furniture is not meant for the cats to play on. This is unless your cat decides to look for a job to get some money to buy furniture in the house.

This product is a perfect combination of pleasant appearance and durability. Who does not like these two features to form part of the products needed at home for cats? I doubt if there is any cat lover who will go against these two important features. The tree has been made of materials that have been certified with CARB. Its dimensions of 90 by 60 by 156cm in length, width and height are ideal for the best cat trees for multiple large cats. It weighs approximately 44 pounds and is light grey in color.


  • Good customer care services from the manufacturer
  • Very attractive
  • Set up instructions are easy to understand and follow
  • Sturdy materials
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Mislabeled parts
  • Some parts do miss


4. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree (Via:

This cat tree is 72 inches tall which provides a perfect avenue to keep the feline friends away from the furniture. It is designed with 2 condos, 2 toy mice, and 3 perches. There is a lot of space left for the cats to lounge and play on.

The tree has 10 posts that are covered using sisal ropes for the cats to scratch on. It is only through providing such alternative that your cats will move away from the furniture. Otherwise, you will keep chasing after them but to no avail.

The board material is just compressed wood which provides the strength that the tree needs to support the weight of the large cats. It has 15 levels which makes it less crowded. It is beige in color together with dimensions of 50 by 26 by 72 inches in width, length and height respectively.This cat tree weighs 68 pounds and is accompanied with easy to follow instructions together with tools of how to assemble it.


  • Quick and easy assembling
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Improved bond between cat and the owner
  • Well packaged
  • Good price


  • The toys get abused by the cats
  • Rope tubes are made of cardboard therefore not that stable


5. Armarkat Cat Tree

Armarkat Cat Tree (Via:

Armarkat is an international brand that has been known for their production of the best cat trees for multiple large cats. This product is both pet-friendly and pet-centric. The materials that have been used in the production of this tree are harmless to the cats and the owners.

A safely constructed product like this is well-designed and durable. In case of any default within the first six months of purchase, just contact the manufacturer for replacement of parts. No need to buy a whole new product.

Its beige color blends so well with almost everything in your house. The base is strong enough to support the structures that are easily assembled. The luxury in the form of softness and comfort that your feline friend has been missing all along has been found in this cat tree.

The unique design makes your cat extraordinary. Even her friends who might come to have a look at how she is living will appreciate the kind of care and love that she is enjoying. Don’t be surprised if all of them disown their owners just because of this beautifully made tree.It measures 30 by 28 by 65 inches. Together with a weight of 21.8 pounds, this product is lightweight for easy change of position whenever necessary. The maximum weight that the tree can hold at a single moment is 50 pounds. Do not overstrain your tree if your cats have a total weight which is more than this.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to set up
  • Looks fancier
  • Parts are well packaged


  • The 6 month return/replacement policy is too short



Some cats are cautious and less curious. It can take them some time to get used to the tree. I know the kind of expectation you have when you buy the cat tree but don’t expect your feline friend to like and start using it immediately. You will need to be somehow patient with your cat.

The Go Pet Club Trees are the best cat trees for multiple large cats. The product is well designed with a lot of space that your large friends need. The 10 posts which are covered with sisal ropes are good for keeping the cats groomed. Actually, there is no struggle amongst the cats for a piece of the posts; they are sufficient.

The perches, condos and toy mice will surely keep the cats comfortable at any particular time. The tree is tall enough which allows the cats to have a clear view of whatever is happening in the environment. I can confidently recommend the product for you.Have you learned anything from this article? Did you enjoy reading it? Have you thought of some areas that you feel I have not addressed properly? Do not hesitate to ask those questions.


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