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www.catsdom.com - How much does a Bengal cat cost - What you need to know today

Have you ever found yourself giving much thought to the cost of a cat? I must admit that it is not easy to quote the exact cost of a cat. Where do you even start from? There is no fixed selling price which even complicates the whole issue. What do you even consider when placing a given price tag on a cat anyway? Do the cats even know that humans sell them in exchange for cash?

But come to think of it, how much does a Bengal cat cost? What are the parameters we can use to arrive at the cost given that there is no standard measure? I know what you are now asking yourself. Why the Bengal cat, right? Before you become bald as a result of scratching your head too much, we shall avail a clue.

The fact that the Bengal cat came into being as a result of crossing Asian Leopard and a domestic cat has made it gain popularity. Many people have taken to the internet to look for information about this feline friend. I know you are part of them. Aren’t you? Let me help you simplify the journey to owning this unique pet.

How much does a Bengal cat cost? What could be the contributing factors?

How much does a Bengal cat cost What could be the contributing factors

How much does a Bengal cat cost? What could be the contributing factors?

Just like any product that you might come across on the market; cats have varying prices depending on the breed type. Leave alone that, the cost of the Bengal cat is not a constant one. There are factors that contribute to this.

What factors are these? And how much does a Bengal cat cost when these factors are factored in? Worry no more. Let us take a look at them.

These are cats that have radioactive components in them. They can be genetically modified cats that have the ability to change their colors at the exposure to radiation. You thought that chameleons are the only animals capable of changing their colors? You will be surprised you can own a cat with the very same capabilities. That will be so cool, right?

The color change is meant to warn you about the danger that you will be exposed to in that area. This means that you will have to carry your cat along to whichever place you will be going. What can be hard about that? I bet nothing at all. If indeed the friendship between you and your cat is mutual then it should like a marriage, always with each other for better or for worse.

The mythology is created around these ray-cats with praises in music and arts so that their importance as far as warning on dangerous areas is concerned for years to come. This is one of the best warning methods you can find. I hate the deadly warnings of skulls placed on notice boards.

They are so scary. They just make you think that you are already dead (walking dead) or you are going to die the next second. These warnings should be replaced with more friendlier ones that will still drive the message home. I hope you those warnings with skulls as well.

Those scary warning images can make you faint. These signs will make you think that yours with life is over. As if that is the end of your life. And there you are doing all that is within your capability to live as long as the Biblical Methuselah. Everybody strives to stay long nowadays; even your cat would want you to stay longer so that your friendship can last as long as possible.

Another case is the radioactive cats that have gained such status due to treatment from radioactive iodine. Both cases are very important to us as humans. Having a radioactive cat is very important as we shall come to know about in the next section of our article.

Type of coat

www.catsdom.com - How much does a Bengal cat cost - What you need to know today - Type of coat

Type of coat

Why the cat?

The coat is the first thing that is noticeable in cats. You will agree with me that various cats have different coats. At times the kitten might be totally different from the mother, and you are left wondering what could have led to that.

How much does a Bengal cat cost when the type of coat is factored in? The most common coats you are likely to come across are snow, spotted and marble. Of course, you always have the freedom to choose the coat that fascinates you the most but at an extra cost.

The snow coats are available in four types which are charcoal, seal mink, lynx point and sepia. The spotted Bengal cats are leopard spotted, charcoal spotted, or sorrel spotted. Lastly are the marbled coats which are either sorrel or tri-color.

What does a mere coat has to do with the price of a cat? This looks like the biggest joke of the century. You might think so, but that is not the case. Availability and of course the beauty that is accompanied by some of the coat types is the determining factor.

The snow Bengal cat is the rarest type and at the same time the most desired type. This automatically makes it much costly compared to the rest. If you feel that your bank account is almost overflowing and you need a Bengal cat at home, consider the snow-coat ones.

The spotted type follows in closely. You might think that the competition between these two is a sprint race pitting Bolt and Gatlin. They are more popular compared to the marble types. If a product is not that available on the market, it tends to lose a lot of ground. That is exactly what affects the price of the marbled Bengal cat.

There are other factors related to the coat that might shoot the price further. The coat will need some maintenance of course. The best cat brush for shedding is a tool that you will have to purchase as well to ensure that the coat is always nicely done.

Bengal cat essentials

www.catsdom.com - How much does a Bengal cat cost - What you need to know today - Bengal cat essentials

Bengal cat essentials

How much does a Bengal cat cost? Knowing the answer to this question is not all about buying the cat and placing her at home. There are other things you are going to purchase to help make your new friend comfortable at home. These essentials contribute indirectly to the cost of the Bengal cat.

I have considered some of the basic essentials that will cost you a good amount of money. But all these are directed towards the well-being of the cat. Just like humans cannot do without some basic needs, so are the cats.

1. Pet carrier

www.catsdom.com - How much does a Bengal cat cost - What you need to know today - Pet carrier

Pet carrier

The pet carrier is one of the important acquisitions you have to make before buying a Bengal cat. I mean, how are you going to carry the cat to your place without the carrier? The cat might get frightened and try to escape. If you planned to grab them by the hands, then you are very wrong. You might get a biting that you won’t forget for the rest of your life although this rarely happens.

2. Litter box

www.catsdom.com - How much does a Bengal cat cost - What you need to know today - Litter box

Litter box

A comfortable litter box is another important cat essential. Do not forget to buy a litter mat alongside the litter box unless you have the time to sweep the floor every day. Do you have the time and energy to do so? Why am I doubtful? I feel like you won’t cope up with this.

3. Scratching post

www.catsdom.com - How much does a Bengal cat cost - What you need to know today - Scratching post

Scratching post

Have a scratching post for the cat. She will need to sharpen the claws frequently. This is a very good way of keeping her from scratching the under door carpet and other things. Fail to provide this, and you will have to repair or replace your furniture frequently. Do you really have to own a disastrous pet at home? Prevent the occurrence of such kind of unpleasant behaviors.

4. Collar bells

www.catsdom.com - How much does a Bengal cat cost - What you need to know today - Collar bells

Collar bells

The Bengal cats are known to be so playful. They will tend to escape and find other cats to play around with. Owing to their beauty, someone might decide to change the ownership of this new friend of yours unlawfully. The collar which is fitted with a tag could be the only evidence you have to prove that indeed the animal is yours. By the way, why do cat collars have bells?

5. High-quality food

www.catsdom.com - How much does a Bengal cat cost - What you need to know today - High-quality food

High-quality food

Food cannot go without being mentioned. How will the Bengal cat survive without of food surely? Food must actually be bought. This means that it is likely to impact on the answer to the question “how much does a Bengal cat cost.”

The best dry kitten food brand will be of great help at home especially if you acquire it at a younger age. Do not forget about the wet food as well. These essentials are all meant to make the Bengal cat enjoy a healthy life. There are more not mentioned here, but these are the most basic ones you need to have with you.

Generational ratings

www.catsdom.com - How much does a Bengal cat cost - What you need to know today - Generational ratings

Generational ratings

As I said earlier on, the Bengal cat came as a result of cross-breeding the Asian leopard and domestic cats. Did you get that leopard part? What do you know about the animal? This is one of the animals that I personally fear.

To ensure that most of the unwanted characteristics of this wildcat are done away with, there is a need for a lot of breeding of the resulting cats. This is how generational ratings are arrived at. A true Bengal cat is found at the fourth generation of breeding.

A fourth-generation Bengal or higher does not exhibit the strange behaviors their ancestors are known for. But how much does a Bengal cost at this generational rating? The first generation is the most expensive followed by the second. I guess you can now know how the trend is like.

The sex also plays a very important role in determining the cost. Can you imagine that? A female Bengal cat from the first generation is more costly compared to her male counterpart. Reason being that the male one is born sterile. He cannot sire.

Personally, I cannot buy such. Maybe you could buy such for reasons best known to you. Perhaps you don’t want many female cats suing your cat for parental support after he gets them pregnant. It is also a natural family planning method for your cat.

The females cost more than the males due to their breeding capabilities. Older Bengal cats are also cheaper than the younger ones. Their days could be numbered on earth so avoid buying older cats even though they say old is gold. The narrative does not apply to cats though.

There are treatments that when administered to your feline friend, she is likely to be radioactive to some extent. A radioiodine treatment is one of the most common ways of treating hyperthyroidism. That is not Greek. I can see you scratching your head at the mention of the word.

In simple terms, hyperthyroidism is a condition most common in older and middle-aged cats. When is the last day you held a birthday celebration for your cat? Do you even remember how old your cat is? Well, that should be a story for another day. This condition will make your cat start behaving so strangely.

Your cat is likely to have an increased appetite, eating everything and anything she comes about. The funny part is that with this heavy feeding, your friend will keep losing weight. It is like the food is passed out directly as it comes from the mouth.

Other symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, frequent thirst and urination, mood changes and hyperactivity. This condition can be treated using the Pet Wellbeing Methimazole for Cats which is continuously administered for a year or longer for complete treatment.

Can your cat maintain this dosage for a year? That is practically impossible. My cat is that type that has a phobia for drugs. So a one-off treatment will save you the struggle. The best way of treating such a condition is therefore by using the radioactive iodine.

The radioactive iodine is injected once into the cat, and that will be the end of treatment. This automatically makes your best friend radioactive. But what is special about a radioactive cat that has undergone this method of hyperthyroidism treatment? Well, the radioactive iodine is safe for human beings. I can see the sigh of relief on your face now.

Wrapping up

www.catsdom.com - How much does a Bengal cat cost - What you need to know today - Wrapping up

How much does a Bengal cat cost - What you need to know today - Wrapping up

How much does a Bengal cat cost? Bengals can cost anywhere from $650 to as high as $4000 depending on very many factors. There is, however, no standard price, and we can spend a whole year discussing this topic without getting a precise answer.

The best we can do is to look at the factors that lead to the variation in prices. It is only through these features that we can deduce at least on the likely amount you can spend on the feline friend.

I hope you have gained much from this article. Do you have any questions and comments regarding this article? Let me have them in the comment section below, and I’ll hit back to you with all the answers.

Safety precautions to be considered

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